Pocatello IdahoDate of Incident: September 25, 2016


Time of Incident: 1:16 p.m.


Location: 1117 Booth Road


Narrative: Firefighters were called to a home in the 1100 block of Booth Road after smoke was reported to be coming from the eaves of a row of townhouses. Once on the scene, crews proceeded to search the townhouses and evacuate any residents. After the homes were cleared, firefighters determined the fire to be in the wall space of unit 1117 and crews proceeded to pull back the siding on the home to access the fire and extinguish the blaze. While firefighters were working to put out the fire, using a thermal infrared camera, crews discovered additional hot spots in the wall, indicating the siding had possibly become electrically charged. Because of the possibility of electrocution, crews ceased operations until Idaho Power arrived and disconnected power from all the units as well as from the power pole. Following the power shutoff, crews extinguished the fire’s remaining embers.

Damage Estimate: $4,000


Cause:  Siding that had become electrically energized


Injuries and/or deaths:  None


Incident Commander releasing information:  Interim Assistant Chief Travis Smith

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