Platform for Greene County Sheriff Alleges Serious Problems

Charles Barrett is running as an Independent for Greene County Sheriff. His website statement (below) outlining his platform makes it clear that he thinks there are currently some serious problems at Sheriff’s office now–many highlighted by what he says he will not do.


I promise to the public that you will have the finest-trained and equipped Deputies responding to your needs.

I will make sure all victims are kept informed as to the status of their case.

I will be fiscally responsible with your money, always remembering you, the citizen, are footing the bill.

I will do away with double standards; there will be one set of rules that apply to all, including myself and all who work for me.

I will never cover incidents up, but will confront all issues head on.

I will take appropriate actions when necessary.

I will never let politics determine the course of the Sheriff’s Office, its personnel or mission. The protection of the people is the product and services we are actively engaged in.

I will not create or invent jobs in order to pay back some political promise I made. Those placed in leadership positions will be of the highest caliber with unquestionable morals and standards. The public expects those in Law Enforcement to be a cut above the rest of the public and that is what they will get if I am elected Sheriff.

I will make sure that all personnel who are paid by the taxpayer to do a job are doing the job for which they are receiving compensation, including administrators. There will not be 80-hour paychecks for less than 80 hours of work.

I will replace the low level of morale currently at the Sheriff’s Office with a place where people want to come and work and make a career instead of just another job “I have to do.” This will result in a more professional response to the public when they call for assistance.

I will do away with “double dipping” among the rank and file. This has served to destroy morale more than any single item. It will stop, if elected Sheriff.

I will make sure that Greene County Sheriff’s Office is adequately equipped and trained to handle any emergency that may arise. If it is a blizzard, dry hurricane, tornado, riot or civil insurrection or any other emergency, we will be trained to respond, ready to protect the citizens of Greene County. As things stand, we are currently ill- prepared to handle the simplest of emergencies.

I will take full responsibility for the successes and failures of the Sheriff’s Office. Its success and failure are mine to bear and mine alone. As your Sheriff I cannot, and will not, place blame on others.

Last of all: I will always remember that the citizens of Greene County hired me and I work for them. Their trust and support is paramount if I am to keep the Deputies and Corrections Officers???????? safe and the citizens safe. I have to have their support.”

Barrett’s supporters say he’s an experience law enforcement expert and, even more importantly, that his integrity is second to none; he’s absolutely honest and hard-working. They are eager to see the alleged problems–some call it corruption–cleaned out of the Sheriff’s office with Barrett’s election.


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