Pennington Research Association Membership Exclusive Offer

The Pennington Research Association (PRA) is the genealogy research of the surname “PENNINGTON” and all its spelling variations. Its website is located at

The PRA is pleased to announce two (2) exclusive offers available for PRA Members only!

1. Announcing Pennington Periodicals Volume II

The Pennington Research Association is pleased to announce the release Pennington Periodicals Volume II! These files ARE NOW available to PRA Members for FREE!

Following up with the tremendous success of Volume I, Volume II continues with the publication of all Pennington Pedigrees and Pennington Cousins’ Couriers from 1980 – 1990. Access to these important files allows you to read all Pennington Periodicals from another formative era of the PRA AND you can search for your favorite (or infamous!) ancestors. That’s right! You can actually SEARCH ALL the Pedigrees AND ALL the Couriers for specific names, locations or any other word or phrase!

Just think how this will help your research!

With Volume II, we’ll include some added bonuses! The files will be released a few each quarter. Among the files released will be copies of the final reports of the PRA’s special research report by Terry Moore, CG. Her final reports cover her research on the Benajah Pennington Family of Rowan & Wilkes Counties, North Carolina picking up where the first report published in 2007 left off. Plus Volume II will contain other special research files to help.

2. Announcing Pennington Pedigrees Now Available Online!

The Pennington Research Association is pleased to announce that starting with the Spring 2010 issue, the Pennington Pedigrees ARE NOW available to PRA Members immediately for download as soon as they are published!

As soon as you become a PRA Member and received confirmation of your membership, you will have access to our Members-only section which includes the Pennington Periodicals Volume II files and starting with the Spring 2010 issue, the Pennington Pedigrees!

Annual Membership with the Pennington Research Association is $27.

To join, visit this website:

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