Passing Customer Service on Down the Line

The price of gas has dropped considerably.  Great news for consumers; not so much for oil companies.  What effect does this have on companies that support them by providing equipment for drilling?   How do they compete for the inevitably fewer contracts?

 “By increasing our customer service every way possible.” Says Russ Porath, Sales/Marketing Manager for Eclipse Wireline, based in Logan, Utah.  “It’s always been a priority with us. It’s more important now.  Competition is fierce, sometimes cutthroat, but I don’t believe it has to be. Giving your clients what they need and the support when they need it is the key to maintaining longtime relationships with customers. It’s good business sense.”

While touring the production facility and a new deluxe truck, this reporter observed the care and attention given to detail as a rig is built in a timely manner as possible for each client.  Trucks are made to client’s specifications from the time the chassis is delivered to the plant and the finish work of granite counter light table surrounds and leather captain chairs for the company man.

  Comfort is great while waiting for wells to be drilled or data collected, but it’s the technology included in the trucks workings that will get the job done wherever in the world it may be used.  Eclipse utilizes up to date technologies in their hydraulics, electronics, computers, controls and data systems.

Eclipse Wireline’s 4-tier service team trouble shoots issues and supports crews wherever they may be working on site. “It’s a 24/7 system,” Russ assures his clients, “and we take pride in the quickest response time out there for equipment repairs.”
Time and money are the same when dealing with millions of dollars per job in the oil and gas industries.  Equipment breakdowns are costly.  D. J. Madsen, a Texas-based field/service supervisor says; “Operators need to know everything they can about their equipment.  When issues arise, he can work through them and still get the job done.  We’re lucky if a tech’s on site. More often than not, it takes hours to get tech support from a lot of companies. Tech support and service is important.”

 Bill Roberson of Roberson Wireline; an Eclipse customer states: “We very much like their product!” He made it clear the sentiment’s even more so since the service received recently on a reworked truck was done prior to and during the holidays.  Under warranty, they had their rig back out and in service within days.  “The job was done quickly and efficiently with quality workmanship.” Though it required a learning curve for both parties to reach a needed end result for such a specialized build; Bill commented:  “We now have a new build in progress, because of our satisfaction.”

When asked why they’re based in northern Utah, with so many customers in Texas and other distant locations, Mr. Porath replied.  “The bottom line is work ethic.  We don’t need to ‘police’ our employees every step.  They take pride in their work.  Good work is a good product; and that’s quality customer service.”

  With a worldwide customer base and limited dollars, excellent customer service may mean that slight edge up on acquiring that contract instead of a competitors getting it these days, for companies like Eclipse Wireline.


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