Areas along the Pioneers Park Nature Center’s northern edge will be closed late-morning, Thursday, March 9 while Lincoln Parks and Recreation staff and volunteers burn about 40 acres of prairie in the park. The burn area is just south of Van Dorn.  The areas will reopen when the fires are extinguished.  Parks staff also will burn about 20 acres of prairie southwest of Lincoln Friday, March 10.   The controlled burns will be postponed if forecasted weather conditions change.


“Historically, fire has been a major factor in shaping our prairies, and controlled burns are the most cost effective, natural way to manage prairies,” said Sara Hartzell, Park Planner. “Fire controls invasive woody vegetation, like cedars and honey locust trees, and maintains the prairie in a healthy condition.”


Hartzell added that land managers have monitored weather and air quality conditions to ensure safe burns. “Each controlled burn is carefully planned with staff and volunteers, and the events take a good deal of preparation to cut fire breaks and remove any fuels that might be difficult to control,” she said.


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