Paris– Arm Your Citizens!

The whole world mourns with Paris after over 120 helpless, unarmed people were killed and a reported 350 were wounded at various locations around the city.  Perhaps most of the people who visited The soccer stadium State De France, or the restaurants Le Petit Canbodge or La Belle Equip Cafe, or Le Carillon Bar thought they were attending safe public places.  It is suspected that ISIS made these attacks upon the innocent people in Paris. One has to wonder each time we read about another mass murder, or a set of coordinated "terror attacks" whether or not the huge number of victims might have been fewer had there been a few armed citizens among the numbers of those in attendance. Each time we read about another such disaster our hearts go out to all the unarmed innnocents who were forced to be defenseless by their governments. Paris— arm your citizens!

There are still a few countries, such as the United States and Switzerland, that understand the importance of an armed citizenry. When people in a theater, a restaurant, a stadium, a shopping center, a school, a church, a military base, a college, or any other place are attacked, they have a better chance of surving many of these attacks if they are armed.  Guns are important tools that are seldom needed by most of us. However, if you need one to defend yourself from a criminal assailant, you'll be glad you have one with you. 

If you happened to be walking through Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, Utah the day that a lone gunman, identified as Sulejman Talovi?????, a muslim, decided to open fire on defenseless citizens you would have been wishing you had a way to fight back. Happily, on that day there was an armed citizen (an off duty policeman) present who could take action. Soon the on-duty police arrived and assisted in killing the murderer. Once the ciminal was killed, the killing stopped.

The United States is bringing in thousands of refugees from Syria and other war torn locations. How many terrorists are coming in with them? Are these people really being vetted?  How many terrorists are entering our nation from its Souther border, a border wide open to anyone who wants to cross over, terrorist or not?

When will companies, cities, counties, and countries learn that "no firearms allowed" signs are ignored by the killers and terrorists among  us? The only thing that can save the innocent once the shooting starts is a gun or other weapon. Waiting for the police to arrive just insures that there will be more dead and wounded, more innocent, unarmed victims. We call upon all companies, cities, counties, states, and nations to arm their citizens or at least to encourage them to carry a self defense weapon at all times. Those organizations who disarm the people are guilty of creating an unsafe environment. Those entities should be sued for creating such an unsafe, dangerous, killing zone type of an environment.  People everywhere should arm themselves so they can kill the bad guys as soon as they open fire. Paris–  Arm Your Citizens!

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