Paco’s Tacos Pleases with Torta

A few days ago, I was driving along 1000 West in Logan, Utah and felt an hunger pang just as I was driving by Paco’s. I have written about this place in the past, but hadn’t had a chance to try the food yet. So, I turned in to enjoy a nice lunch and see how the food is.

First of all, Paco’s Tacos has set up their restaurant in the location that was previously occupied by the 10th Street Grill. Inside the restaurant, it is clean and very organized with seating for close to 40 people comfortably. While I was there I would guess that about 30 people were ordering lunch. It is a nice relaxing atmosphere for lunch.

I love burritos. However, I shy away from them because burritos are usually huge. I also like the “street” tacos, but decided to go for something different on this day. I had to have a torta with the carne asada.

They brought the torta out after a few minutes, hot and overflowing with meat, onions and tomatoes. Top this off with some of their hot sauce and it was ready to eat. The bun was warm and appeared to be made fresh at the restaurant. It was flakey and light which went well with the meat mixture. I ended up eating the sandwich with a fork, but that didn’t bother me. It was still a great sandwich.

It appeared that their following is beginning to grow. I know that if I am in the area around lunch time, I will not hesitate to stop and get a drink or lunch (and most likely will try something else from the menu – I like variety.)

Paco’s Tacos is located at 642 North 1000 West in Logan, Utah.


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