Over 70 Million people suffer from Digestive diseases in the US Alone, is Your Gut the Cause?

On Wednesday November 4th from 8am-7pm, at Utah State University Eccles Conference Center, a multitude of experts on Gut Health will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on the causes andpossible cures of stomach issues, which can cause weight gain or loss, stomach pain, gas or bloating, and constipation or diarrhea.

The Featured speaker will be Dr.Richard Anderson, a medical researcher, nutritionist, iridologist, andherbalist from Oregon. Through his two books, Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One and Book Two and his world famous Arise and Shine Herbal Cleanse Products, Dr. Anderson unequivocally revealed the awesome power of keeping our body’s internal environment clean. 

His teachings and the effectiveness of his Original Master Cleanse Program, also referred to as Transformational Cleansing, has been accredited for having sparked the internal cleansing movement into its present trend.???¯?¨

Dr. Anderson will speak on various topics including:” the cause and cure of obesity and almost anydisease”, the “Microbiome-the Secret cause and cure of most diseases in the world” and  “Mucoid plaque-what it is, how it diminishes your health, and how to remove it”.

Other speakers and their topics include: Toni Toney author of The Ecotarian Diet, Deborah Campbell Knopp on Parasites and their effect on your health;  Andrea Choate on “The Gut Brain Connection and GAPS” and “Natural treatments for Autism, Allergies and other ailments”; Dr. Spencer Wade on “Probiotics-What are they, why do I need them and where do I get them?” and a video presentation from Dr. Leo Galland on “How hygiene and environmental toxins impact the bugs in your gut”.  Raw food Chef Karen Lefgren will also be serving delicious healthy food for purchase during the event.
For more information on the event visit www.skinnygut.weebly.com or call 435-258-8078.


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