Our Peace Keeping President Angles For World War III

Puffed up in his pride and power our Nobel Peace Prize winning President continues to throw his weight around and try to coerce potential enemies. These overt actions could lead to WWIII. His actions seem to suggest that our peace keeping, Nobel Peace Prize winning President is angling for World War III.

Associated Press reports: "SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — President Barack Obama has told four European leaders the United States is prepared to impose new sanctions on Russia. The White House says the allies on Friday agreed Russia has not abided by an agreement to ease tensions with Ukraine and has escalated strains in the eastern parts of the former Soviet state."

Our President pokes a stick in the eye of Russia and China with his threats against Iran and Syria (see: Link). He seems bent on expanding the illegal Mid-East war (a war waged though never declared as required by the Constitution). He attacks Libya, Afghanistan and others. Does he really want to go to war with Iran, China and Russia? Is he nuts?

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning president threatens to back Japan if China and Japan get in a fight. China is debt free, has huge reserves, and an impressive armed force. Does he really want our tired military to go to war with China? Is he nuts?

He backs the corrupt U.N. in its efforts to build a global empire. His drones kill dozens of innocent non-combatants whenever he is unhappy with someone. He is making armies of new enemies for the U.S. every day. Is he nuts?

He believes that our bankrupt country is so powerful it cannot be challenged. He is wrong. He believes one purpose of the U.S. is to serve as the world cop and insert itself in wars around the world. Eventually this will bring us into conflict with the Russians, the Chinese, and an increasingly hostile Muslim world that he goads with his endless Mid East war.

His policies are as aggressive or more aggressive than those of the Bush Presidents who first attacked Iraq for invading Kuwait, though the U.S. had been neither threatened nor attacked, and then expanded the war after Muslims reacted to the slaughter of other Muslims by destroying the World Trade Center. Does he really expect that he can continue waging war against multiple countries in the Mid East and that there will not be "blow back? (see: Blowback–Link) Did these presidents learn nothing from the destruction of the twin towers in NYC?(see: Imagine No More U.N. Wars– Link)

Our President seems to believe that he is the dictator of the world and that he can dictate to other countries in every area. He is not shy about threatening military action against those who do not fall in line. He believes that Americans must fight everyone's fight. He seems not to have seen a war that he doesn't want to involve the U.S. in. That is not the purpose of our armed forces as defined by the Constitution, but since when was Obama constrained by that law?

Do you want to allow this aggressive U.S. foreign policy to continue? Do you believe teh purpose of our military is to serve as world cop and as a mercenary force for the corrupt U.N.? Is there a better way?

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