Our Bankrupt Nation Must End Foreign Aid

Nearly every day we hear that our country is $16 trillion in debt. Of course, if we count into that the unfunded future obligations of “entitlement programs” and wars on behalf of the U.N. it is more like $100 Trillion in debt. That is a gigantic number. It means that we are, in essence, bankrupt as a nation. How can a nation that is essentially bankrupt and must borrow trillions of dollars every year continue to afford to send over $46 billion per year of foreign aid to other countries? It can not. We must end foreign aid.

Of course there is always a good reason for foreign aid. An epidemic somewhere, a civil war we feel we must intervene in, a “democracy” to be built, a bribe to a dictator so he will do what we want him to do, support for some illegitimate regime that will keep an area “stable”, etc. Never-mind that Congress and the President have no power given them in the Constitution to redistribute your wealth to other nations and other peoples. We must end foreign aid.

Does it seem wrong to you that we borrow from China to keep our government afloat and then send them foreign aid? Is that kind of crazy? If we are broke as a nation how can we afford to borrow tens of billions to give tens of billions away? Where is the power given to the Federal government to steal these billions from citizens to give it away to foreign dictators and others? Surely this practice is one of the things that is impoverishing our nation. As we are bankrupt we can no longer afford this bankrupting practice. What family carrying debts would borrow more to give it away, even to people who profess to be their enemies? No sane person or family or government ought to embrace such a practice. We must end foreign aid and, thereby, preserve our nation.

Neither can we afford to continue to support and give our wealth to that new world government, the U.N. that is made up of so many of our enemies and so many Communist, terrorist, and totalitarian nations. It’s purposes are opposed to the Constitution and to freedom itself. We cannot afford that Foreign Aid either. Our bankrupt nation must stop feeding the United Nations.

We must stop propping up corrupt governments around the world with our foreign and military aid. This practice garners us new enemies every day. We must stop meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations.

It is time for us to stop distorting local markets with foreign aid. As we meddle in the economics of other nations we destroy and distort important economic feedback systems. We make people dependent instead of allowing them to reap as they sow and to experience the pressure that comes from bad economic and political decisions.

Often we do these things for good reasons. However, there is no authority given by the States to the Federal Government to do these things. It is not charity when government steals from its citizens to redistribute their wealth to foreign powers. It is theft. Charity is always voluntary, not forced. Forced redistribution of wealth is theft. We should always allow our citizens to voluntarily contribute to good causes and charities both foreign and domestic, but we should not force them to do so. To force them is to implement tyranny upon them.

When 23 million Americans are unemployed how can our government believe it can afford to send trillions of dollars over seas in foreign aid and military aid? It can not afford it and we can not afford it.

Be part of the solution and write to your Congressmen and Senators today demanding that they put forth and/or support a plan today to end foreign aid and foreign military aid within months so that our country does not continue to spiral down to economic oblivion. We can not afford it. Our bankrupt nation must end foreign aid.

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This video is a bit older, but cogent:


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