Our Bankrupt Nation Cannot Continue Giving Foreign Aid

In 2002 the United States shelled out approximately $19 billion in foreign aid. In 2011 that number escalated to approximately $49 billion. Are we borrowing from China to give to other foreign countries? Our bankrupt nation can not afford to continue to shell out billions (and if we count all the war costs, a form of foreign aid, then foreign aid is in the trillions). It’s time to end foreign aid.

What is surprising is the list of nations we give this aid to. Many of them hate America and may even be involved in fighting us. See: link for a list of nations we “donate” to.

At a time when our nation is running multi-trillion dollar deficits annually can we really afford to keep propping up other nations worldwide while our own collapses?

Our leaders in congress toss $300 million here and $300 million there like it’s nothing. We have sent over $300 million in foreign aid to Syria and now our President wants to support the rebels there. Does this make any sense at all to the American people (many of whom are out of work because of the bad economic policies of our country over the last 60 years)? See: “Our Nobel Peach Prize Winner Expands War” — link

We need to get out of the U.N., stop giving foreign aid in the billions to dozens of countries, and focus on the well being of our own nation and citizens. See: “Imagine No More U.N. War”–link and see also: “Our Bankrupt Nation Must End Foreign Aid”–link

How much of the foreign aid that we give ends up in the hands of corrupt dictators and oppressive tyrannies? We have all heard the stories of American dollars being funneled to corrupt governments. Their leaders often cynically use this money to enrich themselves at the expense of the over burdened American taxpayer. Why should our taxpayers pay for this corruption? It’s time to demand an end to foreign aid.

Maybe Russia or China will want to fill the foreign aid vacuum if discontinue the aid. Americans worry about the Russian and Chinese influence getting too strong in those countries where we end the aid. I say, “Let Russia and China bankrupt themselves trying to buy influence around the world. Let’s keep our money in America and rebuild our weakened nation’s strength. Let’s get our nation out of debt again. Let’s run a balanced budget for a change. Ending foreign aid will help us to accomplish those important goals.”

Tell your congressional representatives and senators to stop the flow of Foreign Aid in an effort to reduce our deficits and save our nation. Tell them to stop the empire building, get us out of the U.N. and reduce the spending before our nation is totally economically destroyed. Perhaps you should forward this article to all your friends. Ending foreign aid is a great idea. If we can’t end it, can we reduce it by 75%? It’s past time to ask these questions. Our nation is bankrupt.

See: “Stop Using Taxpayer Money to Aid Egypt’s Morsy”link See: U.S. aid to Syria tops $1 billion Link

See: Our Bankrupt Nation Cannot Afford to Support the United Nations– Link


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