Our Bankrupt Nation Cannot Afford to Support the United Nations

The essentially bankrupt U.S. Federal government can no longer afford to send tens of billions of dollars per year to the exceedingly corrupt United Nations (U.N.), to its many affiliated organizations, and to its many conflicts and causes. Our nation is spending tens of billions on the U.N. each year and going deeper into debt each year to do so. Americans are sacrificing to build a new world empire,and losing their rights, freedoms and sovereignty in the process. On so many levels we can not afford to continue on this road to slavery.

It is estimated that the United States spent over $70 billion last year in support of the United Nations and its many divisions, causes, and initiatives. Does it make sense to you that while our country is running multi-trillion dollar deficits we sent $70 billion of support each year for the United Nations? That’s a $70 billion per year increase in our deficit that lies on the back of our taxpayers and impoverishes our country and its people. Most Americans have no idea that this much is being spent.

Beyond the $70 billion a year given away to the U.N. our bankrupt nation is spending trillions of additional dollars on bankrupting U.N. wars. It seems we borrow the money from China so we can squander it on the corrupt U.N. This ongoing foolishness has contributed to the downgrading of our credit rating as a nation and to the demise of our nation while it has transformed us from the biggest lending nation to the biggest creditor nation in just a few decades.

One of the saddest things about this situation is that if most Americans really understood what the U.N. is spending on they would be against it. The U.N. is firmly opposed to our second amendment rights, opposed to individual rights, opposed to national sovereignty, opposed to our Constitution. The U.N. wants to take our property rights through its “Agenda 21” program. It wants to globalize all the national and state parks and historic sites in the world calling them U.N. Heritage sites, it seeks to redistribute (steal) American wealth, etc. It is trying to establish supra-national regional governments with the power to tax and make decisions for the nations these regional governments will rule over. It has established a world court in which our citizens Constitutional rights and our laws will not be recognized. I could go on and on.

The United Nations sends its blue helmeted troops around the world to establish its dominant power as the new world order or new world tyranny. The Charter of the United Nations was written by a communist and reads like a prescription for global socialist/communist/fascist government. Freedom loving people should be lobbying their Congressional representatives and senators to cut off all aid to the U.N. (in order to balance our budget, preserve our freedom, and preserve our sovereignty) and lobbying to get us out of the U.N.

Our bankrupt nation, with over $100 trillion of unfunded commitments and debts, can no longer afford to send $70 billion per year to the U.N. Are we nuts?

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