Our Bankrupt Nation Cannot Afford the Free Cell Phone Program

Our bankrupt nation can no longer afford to spend over $2.1 billion per year paying for free cell phones. Over the last decade the nation has spent over $11 billion on the free cell phone program. How can our nation afford this program when it is running over $1 trillion per year in deficit spending? Congress should cut this program immediately as our bankrupt nation cannot afford it.

There is no power granted by the Constitution and from the States to the Federal government to offer free cell phones to a select group of citizens. This program is unconstitutional. For that reason alone it should be ended. It is a violation of the law that is Constitutional. When will our people and our Congress and our President befriend the Constitution rather than ignoring and trampling on it? Our nation was conceived by the States and limited powers were granted by the states to the Federal government that they created. They created a Republic with limited powers, not a Democracy with unlimited powers. (see: Link)

What will Congress guarantee the people next? Will it be a free computer, a free ipad, free internet, or just free everything. Socialism, the forced redistribution of wealth is destroying our nation. Free enterprise hasn’t failed in American, socialism has failed in America. It is Socialism that is bankrupting our country and destroying our economy.

Forced redistribution of wealth is not charity; it is tyranny. It is a form of involuntary servitude. (see: Are You An Abolitionist Link)Our nation needs to abandon the theft and covetousness that Socialism represents if we are to recapture our former economic success. Socialism has already failed in China, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and America. We don’t need to try any more of it. (See: Neither Slavery Nor Involuntary Servitude Link)

Did we borrow the $11 billion for this program from China or Japan or someone else? When we add the interest that must be paid on this debt we could well see the bill for this program double over the years ahead. How can our bankrupt nation continue this largesse? An enemy hath done this. This practice is unAmerican.

Does the nation pay for your phone? Why should it pay for someone other person’s phone? Why should that person enjoy special rights, rights that you don’t enjoy? Why should you be forced by a tyrannical government to pay for the phones of others, especially for the many people who don’t even qualify as “poor” who receive these free phones?

Take time now to demand that your senators and representatives end this program that further bankrupts our nation while it enslaves the taxpayer and increases our national debt. Hold your senators and representatives accountable for ending this free cell phone program. Our nation will not get out of debt so long as it continues to pile on more debt. Just as nobody but a fool would live on debt alone, neither should our once great nation do so. Our bankrupt nation cannot afford this free cell phone program.


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