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The Feds continue to prop up the markets with the printing of money (termed QE so that most people can????????t figure it out) further driving the National Deficit to all time highs. Guess what? There is no way this nation can even pay the INTEREST on the debt it has accrued from these mindless decisions that have gotten us this far into the abyss of monetary sustainability. The fiscal irresponsibility of those in the present administration has literally destroyed this nation on the financial scale of things. What is occurring right now did not need to happen. It is, however, happening. Reality eventually strikes that try and play the ??????wild card?????? against a system that is ??????failing??????.

There are some great new articles that are posted here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434

I????????ll make my best attempt at summarizing those articles here on this column. Pay particular attention to the article with Peter Schiff on that thread. Also take particular attention about what that bozo Howard Stern said about Michele Bachmann. You know, that guy is about the dumbest freak I????????ve ever seen in my life. How did he get hired to do a TV commentary show on politics? He????????s not smart, or witty. He definitely is not good looking to the eyes. So why is he barking out against Michele? Is he a ??????left wing?????? POS?

Okay, time to cool it down a bit. Enjoy the following song for a break to get some tea or coffee. Or whatever your favorite morning beverage shall be. And yes, I will have a bit of commentary on Whitney Houston at the end of the show. . .

Five for Fighting ~ 100 Years to Live. . .

When I went through high school there was a man by the name of Ken Johnson that gave to me a book called, ??????The Richest Man in Babylon??????. That book, changed my life forever. It has been a foundation and a standard for where it led me, and where I am headed. Granted, times aren????????t so swell right now ~ it is, however, interesting to see how many who have never read a book in their life are so willing to hand out information. It would be wise to say, ??????If you ever want to give a person information, give them a book,?????? don????????t profess to know things that can only be understood by those that did the research.

I????????m going to stop and that point and make a statement about Whitney by just letting her sing one of the best songs ever written. Information on which the song was the ??????Theme Song?????? can be found here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434

Whitney Houston. . .
One Moment in Time ~

The following is the song that inspired me to write the story, ??????Rainbow Over A Star??????. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were very good friends in times gone by. I believe some problems may have set in when Whitney got messed up with Bobby Brown. However, I really don????????t know. It was just sad to see Whitney????????s performances and behaviors take a slide. She will, however, always be remembered as one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Maria Carey. . .
Hero ~

I????????ve been monitoring situations with Greece and Italy. Greece is gone. There is no way Germany is going to bail them out. Italy is not looking good at all, nor is Ireland. The European Union is simply going to fall apart. Why does this matter to America? Because we sent money via printing through Ben Bernanke (BURNanke) via the printing presses of the Treasury (Timothy Geithner) to foreign countries rather than watching after our own citizens here with the continent of the United States. Yet, we charged those citizens via taxation for the increase of money going into the monetary system.

What we need to have occur is a audit of the Federal Reserve over the past 5 years. If the IRS can pick on the people and the banks can foreclose on people????????s homes (after being bailed out by the Feds), we need to have an audit of the Fed. It should also be sent ??????FREE OF CHARGE?????? to everyone that has lost their home due to forced foreclosures on properties. Regular photos should be sent of their properties so that the owners of those homes (other than the banks) can be assured what is known as ??????squatters?????? are not occupying their residency. Despite what the banksters think, they do not own those homes. Within the United States, the banks are all broke. Reveal to me one that made a profit last quarter. That????????s a challenge for those that are studious. Also, show me they didn????????t fudge their numbers or accept government bailout money.

Hey you guys, I????????m just here to reveal the truth as I know it. If I????????m missing something, just let me know. I don????????t think I am, however. And I will exercise my freedom of speech until the day I die.

Peace be with you all ~ always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from USU, UC Irvine, Penn State and AZ State Universities
Presently working towards his PhD in Economics on an International scale


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