On The Road to Experience ~

On The Road to Experience . . .

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week. This has been another shaker. Particularly with events in CO. It appears to me that the education system just doesn????????t work out at times. Perhaps there shouldn????????t be any serious consideration of Obamacare and a focus could be made on educating our children. This has been mentioned before in this column. Let????????s start off with a quick venture down the road to healing. Go get yourself something to drink. Something of your choice that????????s good for your health. Just go and do it, you will understand at the end of this passage ~

John Denver ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=SHRHcjyMugI

It is perfectly apparent that we all live in uncomfortable times. Now we????????re looking at Russia and China in opposition to sanctions against Syria. The military movement is evident. Exactly where is this heading? Then there is the submarines being placed outside of Iran. The United States of America has a worthless leader at this time. These words are being spoken from an educated mind on the topic.

It isn????????t possible to print money to get a nation out of debt or to secure the monetary systems of fiat currency. It cannot be done. Not at the rate that this country is going downhill ~ http://www.usdebtclock.org/ (It is strongly encouraged that all readers add that thread to their list of sites to monitor). Therefore, the political movement is to buy time for the next election which is forthcoming by all of those running for office. It is presently termed ??????A Currency War?????? by those who are in control and those who are ??????informed??????. This situation is not practical for those with analytical thought processes. Unfortunately, those with the adequate capacity of thought will not run for office since the ??????filth?????? that presently operates our country will prevent those with good intentions from making it into the ??????Beltway?????? to correct the problems. Between Bernanke, Geithner and Obama, who really knows what hope we have?

We are looking into a future window that human history has never experienced. Let it be said right now that the window has been broken. Our governing officials are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It????????s called, ??????lack of experience while making inappropriate decisions??????. This cannot be afforded by our nation any longer. The level we are at now is beyond ??????dangerous?????? by giving so much power to the Oligarchs of the world instead of to our elected officials. Perhaps if the power was taken away from the banks and given back to elected authorities we wouldn????????t be in this dismal situation.

Thomas Jefferson warned us of the potential of the banking industry to take control of the people (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5ztG-Eh4WM&feature=related). It is very possible he is turning in his grave as the controlling Oligarchy takes over everything. What is the purpose of bailing out the very people that created this disaster? That is what this ??????QE?????? program was all about. Then, the bankers get continued bonuses while the people get destroyed. Yet the government bails out the bankers? The cure for individuals, go get your Series 7 brokerage license and screw the people just like the banks do. It only takes about 3 months. What in the hell is going on here? Let????????s all take a break for another song, for it is music that sedates the soul ~


Now, before moving forward you all know where the research this column is based on is located. It is right here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/Real-Stocks-2434/. Now, we????????ll all go forward from that standpoint and become aware of a few more things. Enjoy this next ??????break?????? while you refill your cups of sipping pleasure . . .

Seals and Crofts ~

Sometimes, while empowered by the Internet and cable television it is possible the real things in life become forgotten items. Those real things are the people that aren????????t part of the ??????fake?????? crowd. It takes a long time before people figure out that ??????money?????? particularly from the ??????fiat system?????? is not the most important thing in life. For it is that paper currency that is worthless that is causing people all around the world to rise up and fight the existing systems. This reaction could be good in one way, but it????????s really not productive. Not unless there is a firm plan that can be exposed by the leaders of opposition groups. This is where the ??????Tea Party?????? failed for quite some time. Somebody needs to stick their sword in the ground and spin it to reveal to the masses exactly how they intend to change the system. Perhaps drilling that hole will let the steam out. For this researcher, it appears the best move is to get out of the fiat system of currency and move to coins. Those coins should be in the form of silver. That????????s the only logical means for trade. Gold coins are also viable but only for larger exchanges for those involved with interests in transactions requiring the necessary capital for purchase of an expensive product.

Now, what we????????re talking about here is BARTERING. That is the way to undercut the banks. The banks have taken too much control and have placed the ??????pawns?????? we have in office in control of the people. That was a very BAD MISTAKE. We need the real people of the world to run for office and the systems of monetary exchange. These people that have screwed up our economy and have glamorous histories and backgrounds need to go floating without oars, downstream towards the nearest waterfall. After that, we need the real people with hard earned backgrounds to stand up within their cities, counties and regions to propose the plans to stop all of this nonsense. Come on, does anyone with ???? a brain really believe in Obamacare? Remember, I made the point for Barack Obama to come and debate with me at Utah State University. I guarantee he won????????t win the debate. I don????????t think so! Let????????s take another break to ponder this situation.

Remember, it is very important to listen to the music while you read. Here we go . . . the next song ~

Christopher Cross ~

We need to watch and see how events unfold. So far, they are not looking too good. Riots and increased crime appear to be leading the way with lunatics going out and killing people in movie theaters. Perhaps some idiot can begin selling a stock on that issue (or derivatives in murder. Do you all understand by now that derivatives are ??????fake?????? on the exchanges. Nobody wins on that gamble, except for those who are the underwriters of the derivatives).

The banking industry is a type of mafia, folks. They are financed by you and me. It is filthy and it must be changed. Those that play around with the capital markets and ??????list?????? a stock by purchasing a stock ticker without having a viable product should be hung out to dry. I????????d be willing to bet that more than 80% of the companies listed on the stock exchanges are bogus. Of the other 20% they are struggling to make it because the idiots that are fakes are robbing real people of their income investments. There needs to be an association to investigate any organization that wants to sell stock on the exchanges before they can sell shares to investors. The Securities Exchange Committee is merely a joke. It????????s as simple as that.

Are you listening to me Mitt? Obama is done. We the people, will assure that he is not voted back into office. He????????s been a total failure and has made America into a third world country as a result of his lackluster thinking.

Let us take a break here to cool our temperatures (if you get my drift) ~

The Cars ~

Remember these references sources:

1: http://321gold.com/
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4: http://www.zerohedge.com/

In finishing, I have an aunt that is my father????????s twin sister that is presently being challenged with her life. She lives in Austria. Here????????s to Tanta Lisa ~ auf deutch, Leisel

El Shaddai ~


May you all be blessed with peace until the next column ~


Mark Mayr is a graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities. He presently attends The University of the Rockies in CO. He also learned Spanish @ The University of Arizona. Presently Mark writes for several publications, online. The columns presented on this thread and via this email notice are all free to be forwarded to others.


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