ObamaCare Will Drive Precious Metals Up Sharply

As the Supreme Court gives its go ahead to force the American people into a health care system they don’t want and as it allows for more taxes to pay for it, our already bankrupt nation and currency will feel more negative pressure.

Already the United States has unfunded commitments of between $66 Trillion and $100 Trillion. Add to this the further burden of the new ObamaCare law with its many hundreds of hidden costs and you have the recipe for extreme economic destruction. This is the final nail in the U.S. economy’S coffin. It will take some time before its full socialist destructive power is implemented. This is tyranny and unlimited government unfolding before our eyes in what was once the land of the free.

The precious metals investors will quickly begin to recognize what a gargantuan economic error this new health care plan represents. They will understand that to pay for this new program trillions of dollars will have to be borrowed from the Federal Reserve. Trillions of new dollars will eventually be printed to finance this boondoggle.

Just when America needs to return to its free enterprise roots and get the government out of healthcare it instead decides to get the federal government more deeply entangled in what should be a private enterprise undertaking, healthcare. The government has failed at every big program it has undertaken except making war, and oppressing the taxpayer. Now it will fail again. It will blame the failure on business, and the free enterprise system even though the failure will be socialism’s failure. If the government wants lower cost, better quality, and more people served in the healthcare arena it should turn healthcare over 100% to free enterprise and voluntary charity. Socialism has already failed the world over. I guess we’ll have to learn from our own sad mistakes rather than observe the results of this bankrupt idea in other nations. But, I digress.

Socialist boondoggles such as this one will destroy the dollar and drive its value down to that of an Indian Rupee (see: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Salt%20Lake%20City&st=Utah&article_id=951). Government programs based on envy, covetousness,jealousy, and theft (redistribution of wealth) will lead to currency debasement and higher metals prices (see: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Providence&st=Utah&article_id=769) The trillions of dollars this boondoggle will cost will, in the long run, drive the price of precious metals much, much higher as the dollar is destroyed as a store of value. Expect massive moves up over the years ahead in silver and gold prices expressed in dollars. The bull market fundamentals have been strengthened by this disastrous decision by the Supreme Court. Of course for them to overturn this new socialist program they would have had to question Social Security and Medicare. The national comedy continues. So if it’s so hilariously ridiculous why does it make me want to cry? Bye, bye Miss American Pie.

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