Obamacare: Boiling The Frog

We????????ve all heard the story that demonstrates how gradually turning up heat on the burner may not, at first, be noticed by the frog that was dropped into the sauce pan full of cold water, a sauce pan which was placed on that burner in anticipation of the unsuspecting frog. At first it was warm and comfortable. Once it got too hot for comfort it was too late. The frog became dinner. That’s how socialism works.

Back in 1965 when Medicare and Medicaid were created on LBJ’s watch, providers loved all the “free” money. Patients loved getting more than they had put in. The young thought it would be there for them too. Though they’d heard warnings, they didn’t believe it was really a giant Ponzi scheme. Now, as the boomers age, they are finding that others have spent the money they put into the Medicare trust fund. It has been a rude surprise. Social security isn’t what was promised to the boomers either. Another Ponzi scheme. Retirement age gets pushed back. Benefits get cut. And that’s just the beginning. Even the money you receive from these schemes has been watered down by inflation (a devaluation of the currency). In every way, those who paid into the system are robbed. They trusted the cook, government, not to turn up the heat as they sat comfortable in the warm tub of social security and medicare water, anticipating a good meal in their old age, but not suspecting that the meal was them. That nice socialist aroma of lies that they smelled was their own bodies cooking.

The Patients, Doctors, Insurance companies, and other health care providers and health industry companies are the frogs that were dumped into a pot of cold water on top of the Obamacare burner. Little by little the heat is being turned up as the tyrannical government tightens its grip on the people.

This year new Obamacare taxes kick in on some people (See: How Much Is The ObamaCare Tax Penalty: Link). Extra hidden taxes in the plan apply only to the ??????rich?????? and to ??????rich?????? companies as well (if they????????re labeled ??????rich?????? then socialists think it????????s ok to plunder them). Also this year penalties start to be applied against those who don????????t want to or can????????t afford to buy health insurance. This is especially difficult for the poor. These penalties will escalate rapidly over the next few years. Already they cause concern. These penalties are intended to herd the poor into either Medicaid or Obamacare in preparation for a despotic, totally socialist, single payer system that the liberals have envisioned. A system they hope to tyrannically FORCE us all into. Gradually they are herding us into socialism. They????????ve been doing so for over seventy years. We used to fight against this, but in our prosperity we became apathetic, weak, and ignorant.

Many people are upset by Obamacare. Many can even envision some of the present and future problems that it is causing and will cause. Eventually the government death panels will decide who will live and who will die (socialism often decides for death, as it has in abortion, in denial of care, and in death camps worldwide during the 20th century and beyond to name just a few examples). Obamacare, this gargantuan government intrusion into our freedoms, this overstepping of Constitutional authority, will lead to massive denial of care for the boomers and others leading to untimely death and early morbidity in those populations. Its negative long-term effects on the economy are incalculable. They want to FORCE us all to be ??????good?????? and buy insurance, never mind if you can afford it or not or want it or not.

In the South there????????s a story told of an area where wild pigs ran free, were strong and healthy, and were used to foraging for their own food. They were hunted for local sport and food. A man showed up one day with a small truck full of pig feed. He bought a piece of land and scattered the feed on the ground. Soon pigs started to show up for the free meal. Each day he brought a little more food and more and more pigs showed up for the free meal. Meanwhile, little by little he was building a fence around the field. Within a few weeks thousands of pigs were showing up for the free food. All that was left open was a gate that they would crowd through each morning for the free food. Then one day, the gate was closed and more trucks showed up to haul the pigs to the slaughterhouse. It was only then that the pigs began to understand the trap of ??????unearned benefits?????? given at the expense of someone else. They didn????????t understand that there????????s never really a ??????free lunch??????. It turned out the free lunch was expensive indeed. In the end, the pigs paid with their lives and those who plundered them enjoyed the bacon.

Like the guy with the free food in the story, the socialists lured the piggy people into voting for them with promises of ??????unearned benefits?????? at the expense of the ??????greedy rich people??????. It is a Ponzi scheme, complete with ??????bait and switch?????? advertising. They have promised one thing, but are delivering much less. They have lied about the cost, lied about availability, botched the rollout, and lied about keeping your doctor and/or your plan. There are many, many more hidden ??????gotchas?????? in the hundreds of pages of Obamacare. Even many of the duped and ineffectual politicians don????????t know what kind of time bombs are hidden within its pages. Besides, the Federal Government has zero Constitutional authority to muck around in health care.

Obama unconstitutionally gives special privileges to some, allows some to opt out, and delays the implementation of some of the worst parts of the law in order that socialists and liberals can continue to be re-elected. It is gradualism just like the heat under the frog????????s pot or the hunter slowly building a fence around the unsuspecting once wild pigs. The frog and the pigs will be roasted and eaten, but many of them haven????????t yet figured that out. Perhaps it will be too late before they do. The elite who will feed on them have known the end from the beginning. They act surprised by the rotten consequences of Obamacare, but the ones who promoted this were either lackeys for those who created it or they knew all along what it was. Either way, they are complicit in this gigantic fraud, the scale of which we haven????????t seen since the socialist Ponzi schemes entitled Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.

The frog has complained a little, but the heat continues to rise, and all the victims are in the pot. Those who will eat the frog are already licking their lips.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” — Norman Thomas


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