Obama, War-Monger-In-Chief

Obama seems to have become our ??????War Monger in Chief?????? rather than our ??????Commander in Chief.?????? It seems he can????????t wait to pull the trigger on missiles aimed at Syria even though they haven????????t attacked the United States or any of our troops or our citizens and even though he has little or no popular or Congressional support for this action. This Nobel Peace Prize winning Chief Executive should win the ??????Nobel War Prize??????. (see: Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Expands War– Link).

Obama, the once staunch anti-war candidate who so regularly bashed President Bush for making war on Iraq now seems to love war more than Bush did, and the war mongering Obama seems willing to go to war on any nation for any reason (See: Once Staunch Opponent of Bush Iraq Policy–Link). He has expanded the war in Afghanistan, launched a military assault inside Pakistan, attacked Libya, and now he wants to attack Syria, a country that is at peace with the United States. He doesn????????t seem to care if he starts World War III (see: President Obama May Start WWIII by Attacking Syria– Link).

It used to be that the Constitution required Congress to declare war, but it seems this President, Obama, and War Monger in Chief, has changed all that. He appears to have taken that power unto himself as our new dictator, tyrant, and king. He believes he can now make war anytime he sees fit on any country if it be that they broke one of his rules. Apparently Obama believes he doesn????????t need U.N. approval and that he doesn????????t need the approval of Congress to wage war. Of course, Congress and the U.N. have become laughing stocks anyway. They trample on the U.S. Constitution as well, so why should we expect them to rein in this out of check president? (see: Checks and Balances– Link).

Many Americans are horrified to watch their President act with such a lack of understanding and act so far outside the Constitutional Law. Many are frightened by the executive branch????????s complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law established with limited powers and separation of powers by the States, but now ignored by King Obama, War-Monger-in-Chief.

Many Americans seem to be too asleep, or too mesmerized by the games on TV to care about our escalating wars. Many Americans don????????t seem to care that Americans are dying in too many useless, illegal wars while our President, the War-Monger-in-Chief, sends our armed forces around the world to bully other countries into living according to his rules or to force them to submit to the New World Order. America????????s citizens need to wake up and demand that Congress act to rein in this out of control President, the War-Monger-in-Chief.

This President????????s action(s) seem like ??????high crimes and misdemeanors?????? to some. Perhaps it????????s time to get a strong drive for impeachment going in the Senate. This Obama Syrian War is a lot worse than Bill Clinton????????s lying, perjured denial of having sex with the much younger and less powerful Monica Lewinsky. I would venture that this act of war is a much larger transgression of power with much larger potential consequences than that act of aggression by old ??????Can????????t-Keep-It-In-His-Pants Clinton??????. And Congress brought a bill of impeachment against Clinton for that mess.

Our President wants to pull us into another massive war in the Middle East, but of course, he minimizes in his public speeches the potential danger of that war. An attack on Syria has real potential to escalate into WWIII. Does Obama, War-Monger-in-Chief, hate America and Americans? If not, why is he willing to risk so much for so little so that he can exercise his ego and his illegal power to make illegal war? Obama, War-Monger-in-Chief, doesn????????t appear to care what it costs to attack Syria and/or what kind of war it might cause. He doesn????????t appear to care how many American lives are sacrificed or risked by this action or how much it costs our bankrupt nation to wage this attack and the consequent war. Obama, War-Monger-In-Chief, just wants what he wants and hang the consequences. Never mind what the citizens want.

Obama????????s idiot Secretary of State, John Kerry, is in lock step with Obama on his planned attack on Syria. Of course John Kerry has shown before that he could care less about obeying the Constitution or working within the limits it imposes upon the Federal Government, limits that were placed there by thoughtful men who were not idiots. (see: John Kerry, Our New Secretary of State, Thinks It????????s OK to Ignore the Constitution– Link). What a great team President Obama has assembled to take us to war???????.NOT! (Remember Hillary????????s foolishness in the Middle East and around the world? May God save us from these liberals and those RINOs who ignore our Constitution to wage illegal war in an effort to build a world empire for the U.N.!)

President Obama, War-Monger-In-Chief, how I wish a peacemaker like Ron Paul had become our President in all of the last five elections. Then we would have enjoyed a Peacemaker-In-Chief and the world would have become a safer place for Americans instead of the dangerous place it has become. Many Americans are saying now: ??????Coulda-shoulda-Woulda??????. (See: Imagine No More U.N. War– Link)

Support our troops; bring them home!

See: Rush: Syria Gassed With Help From U.S.?— ,Link


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