Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Expands War

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President, Obama, plans to escalate our Middle East war once again by now intervening in the Syrian civil war. Once again, he will intervene in another civil war of a sovereign nation that we have no legal authority over and that has not attacked us. Where does he get this authority? Who is he to decide to involve the U.S. in another civil war that has nothing to do with our country? Has our Congress declared war? This president seems to love to be involved in as many wars as possible, and in expanding, as many wars as possible.

See NBC Nightly News clip below:

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U.S. citizens should be aware that Syria’s ally is Iran and that Iran’s allies are Russia and China. The President, by involving us in yet another Middle East War, moves us closer and closer to war with Iran and the possibility of war with Russia and China. Our bankrupt nation can not afford this. It’s time for our peace keeping president to declare peace and pull out of the Middle East. He will do us no favor by involving the U.S. in a major war with Syria, and possibly with Iran, China, and Russia.

China has repeatedly and recently warned that the U.N. and the U.S. need to leave Iran alone. If we involve ourselves in the Syrian war we may find ourselves at war with their ally, Iran, and, consequently with Iran’s ally, China.

For some time now China has been massing troops on the border with Afghanistan. President Obama better wake up and declare peace. Bring our troops home. Get out of the Middle East. He needs to get us out of the U.N. and disengage from the eternal U.N. wars. He needs to worry about protecting U.S. borders rather than Kuwait, Syria, and a dozen other countries. (See this link: )

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