Nuggets of Greatness in Preston, Idaho

During the past couple of years, I have heard about a “new” restaurant in Preston, Idaho. In fact, I have stopped by booths and some of the homeshows and the Eccles Ice Center Annual “Spice On Ice” event. But, I haven’t had the opportunity to actually go to the restaurant … until now.

The New York Deli has been touted as a great restaurant that only the locals know about. I had heard enough positive comments about it, that it was time to make the 30 mile drive and see what all of the hubbub was about.

We took a nice little drive during the week with a stop to see the new Cherry Peak Resort that is getting ready to open. After all, it is always good to have multiple reasons to go someplace (rationalization). I used to hate driving all the way to Preston. It was on the outskirts of nowhere. But, these days, it is a pleasant drive with open country and great scenery.

The New York Deli is actually divided into two sections. One of the sections is a place for people to wait for take-out and the other section is a comfortable place to dine-in. There is also a small “deli counter” with incredible cuts of beef to purchase and take home to cook at your leisure.

The dine-in area was designed to accommodate groups of people to gather and visit while enjoying a good meal.

On the menu, there was everything from appetizers like shrimp, deep fried mushrooms, and deep fried onions to burgers, sandwiches and steaks. Pretty much anything you might want is on the menu. Our choices for the evening were the fried mushrooms for an appetizer, plate of smoked brisket, the rib eye steak and all the trimmings.

The fried mushrooms came out piping hot with a spicy mayo dip. It was nice to have them hot, not too oily with a light sauce. It was a nice combination. Shortly after, the main courses were brought to the table. The plate of smoked brisket was piled high with a side of smashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. There was BBQ sauce served on the side which had a nice tang and complimented the brisket nicely. Personally, I thought the amount of food was just right, even though I ended up taking some home.

The rib eye steak was the small size (about 12 oz), but it filled the entire plate. The first thought was about how it was cooked. The outside had nice char marks. So there was a worry that it was the same way throughout. Surprise! It was cooked to medium rare just as ordered. There was a lot of flavor and steak sauce really wasn’t even necessary. There was so much, that part of the steak was taken home as well.

You might be asking, “Was it worth the trip to Preston?” The simple answer is yes. Grab a few friends and go for a night on the town in Preston, Idaho. Prices for entrees range from $9 for sandwiches to around $30 for the largest steaks.

The New York Deli is located at 101 North State Street, Preston, Idaho. (208)  852-2026 (www.ilovenydeli.com)


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