Now That You????????re Getting Benefits: Using Social Security????????s Website

Now that you????????re receiving monthly Social Security benefits, you????????re probably wondering what kind of business you can do with Social Security online. In addition to filing for benefits, there are many other Social Security online services that may be useful to you.

You may have keeping up with Social Security on your to do list. One way to find out what is happening at Social Security is on our website at www.socialsecurity.gov. Near the top of the page there is always a series of illustrated banners. This is where we share new messages, initiatives, and items of interest, such as breaking news and tips on new or improved online services.

In the middle of the page is where you can find press releases and the latest news about Social Security. If our rules change and it affects our beneficiaries, this is the place where we will post the information for you.

Just because you receive benefits now, it doesn????????t mean that you might not still have questions about Social Security. On the right side of our website, you????????ll see a big question mark. This is where you can find our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)???????and the answers to them. If you have a question about Social Security, chances are someone else had the same question. You can search the FAQs area using a specific listed question, topic, or by typing in what you want answered. It is easy to search for questions on a variety of Social Security topics.

To the left of the www.socialsecurity.gov homepage you????????ll find our top services. Here you will see the services that you might use as a beneficiary:

??????? Get Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs,
??????? Get a form,
??????? Get a publication,
??????? Locate a Social Security office,
??????? Change your address or telephone number,
??????? Get a replacement Medicare card,
??????? Request a Proof of Income Letter, or
??????? Get a form 1099/1042S.

Because these services are the ones that you might be using the most, I am posting additional articles about these specific services on this website. If you need more information about how these services work, you can read the article about that particular service. These individual articles will be posted to this site in the coming weeks.

You should also know that some of our online services are available as automated phone services too. If you prefer to call you can reach us at 1-800-772-1213.

So, if you want to keep up with Social Security developments, need to report a change or do other business with us, check our website at www.socialsecurity.gov first to see if you can save time by doing business with us online.


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