Northern California Barbecue in Eureka and Arcata, California

Travelling around the country, one finds many unique local eating establishments. They might have menu items that are the same in name as other places, but created in their own way.

Porter Street Barbecue is one of these places in Eureka, California. Literally, located in the middle of the street, the first thing you will notice is that there is a huge grill outside the restaurant that is going from morning until evening rain or shine. The grill is about 10 x 10 feet with a rotating grill to keep meat from getting overly charred. The smoke and heat is created with a real wood fire that is continuously stoked and watched. The smoke is an unmistakable introduction to the restaurant.

I have eaten at Porter Street Barbecue several times over the years and never been disappointed. The choices range from Tri-tip to pulled pork to ribs and chicken. Most often I have enjoy a pulled-pork sandwich which is excellent. But, then again, I am a sucker for great tasting barbecue. They are all tasty choices. Sides are simple with macaroni and cheese, slaw and potato salad. Really, some of the best places I have eaten have had just a few items on the menu. They do it well.

Porter Street Barbecue is not a fancy restaurant. There are plenty of tables inside if you want to stay and eat. However, it is like many other barbecue restaurants where you go through a line to get what you want. It is a wonderfully casual place to get a bite to eat and get some freshly cooked barbecue in northern California.

If you are visiting Eureka, California, you should plan time to grab a bite at Porter Street Barbecue. It is located at 605 Broadway Street, Eureka, California (707-443-1700) and is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. There is also a location in Arcata, California, just about 20 minutes away. facebook page


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