NOPD Arrests More Than 30 Individuals for Prostitution and Narcotic Violations

NEW ORLEANS – Since the New Year, the NOPD’s Specialized Investigation Division (SID) Major Case Narcotics Section has arrested more than 30 subjects for prostitution throughout the city.

The First and Seventh Districts also assisted in apprehending subjects during vice operations. Some subjects faced additional charges for having multiple outstanding warrants and drug violations.

 NOPD Arrests More Than 30 Individuals for Prostitution and Narcotic Violations

Click here to see the full list of names and the arrest locations. 

Specialized Investigation Division:

The Specialized Investigation Division’s mission is to identify repeat violent offenders and determine if there are links of those offenders to criminal enterprises associated with crimes of violence and illegal narcotics activity. Once links are established, comprehensive cases are built and presented for prosecution. Successful prosecutions, resulting in long term incarceration, remove recidivist violent offenders from the street and effectively reduce the City’s violent crime rate.

The Specialized Investigation Division is comprised of Narcotics Section and the Intelligence Section.The Commander of the Major Case Narcotics Section shall ensure the following programs are used to combat gang violence:

1.      (a)  Street corner conspiracy missions;

2.      (b)  Narcotics-associated violence;

3.      (c)  Buy/bust operations;

4.      (d)  Covert surveillance; and

5.      (e)  Street prostitution enforcement.

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