No red carpet for Rouhani in the UN

On Monday , September 28 , President Rouhani appears in the United Nations to utter his speech to the General Assembly. Iranians in exile and many political experts defy such event at the UN as a bolstering impact on the regime’s ongoing human rights violations in Iran as well as the growth of terrorism and meddling in the region.
It is a wrong assumption that Iran nuclear deal as a potential factor provoking an ultimate transformation in Iran’s behavior. Rouhani has no power or desire to adopt any sort of genuine economic reforms in Iran because any setback on economic pressure on people deprives Iran from the necessary funds to inject to the terror machine in neighboring countries. This eventually would lead to political withdrawals within the country, sweeping the regime’s tyranny for ever. On the contrary, the released assets will give free hand to the Khamenei and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to grow their expansive financial empires monopoly. An estimated 50 percent of Iran’s gross domestic product is in control of IRGC whose extensive commercial projects are largely tax-exempt, with a significant bulk of the profits funding terrorism around the world including in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. IRGC’s annual revenue reaches over $10 billion a year through its trade companies. This amasses 1/6th of Iran’s GNP. Sanctions being lifted, the IRGC will be able to pay less to procure goods, obtain bank credits and technology to add to its assets. The IRGC is currently through its companies ‘opposing’ other Iranian institutions and agreeing with the nuclear agreement, as it seeks to further expand its activities and control over Iran’s entire economy.
Pursuing its own intentions from the nuclear deal, Iran tries to falsely depict Rouhani as a 'moderate' or a 'reformer' worthy of the trust and engagement of the international community, first and foremost the US. But even if we overlook the nuclear deal, the Rouhani administration’s treatment of its own people can leave no doubt about its true character. This regime continues to execute more of its citizens per capita than any other U.N. member state and is the biggest executioner of juveniles.
Some 2000 people have been executed under President Rouhani in the past two years, more than in any similar period in the past 25 years. A young Kurdish political prisoner, Behrouz Alkhani was executed recently and the dead body of Shahrokh Zamani, another political prisoner was found in his cell last week. Several cases of inhuman and barbaric punishments have been carried out in the last few months including amputation of hands and feet and gouging out eyes.
Furthermore, Iran remains as the leading state sponsor and central banker of international terrorism. So logically, the money released after Iran deal will not be spent to finance its proxy’s terrorist activities in the region. No fund would be allocated to housing projects, schools, hospitals, or rather anything that might be in the interest of the Iranian people, while over 90% of the population is living under the poverty line these days.
Therefore, the Iranian people share of this game is nothing lure rhetoric postures rather than genuine attempts at change. Rouhani has not changed anything regarding human rights in Iran in compare to his predecessors. The current minister of Justice appointed by Rouhani is a mullah called Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi who was one of the three people who sat on the ‘death commission’ that sent over 30,000 political prisoners – mainly members of the PMOI – to the gallows in summer of 1988.
Now, this deceptive policy, has brought Rouhani to NY at the UN to complete his agenda. What the Iranian are offering in their rallies in NY and elsewhere in the world is what I found in their press release: “International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran” thus urged all world leaders to use “every interaction” with Iranian officials both during and after the General Assembly to pressure them to improve the human rights situation in their country. The message also advised the US and Europe to make the release of political prisoners and the acceptance of the right to peaceful dissent preconditions for the release of frozen assets under the nuclear agreement that was signed on July 14 and passed the US Congress just last week.”  
I conclude my words by quoting from Ambassador Ken Blackwell, U.S. ambassador to the UN human rights commission concludes in his article: "… do not throw down the welcome mat for Hassan Rouhani in New York when he still represents a regime that sponsors terrorism and ruthlessly suppresses its population."


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