No mixed review at the MIX

On the top floor of THEhotel you’ll enter the MIX. The Atmosphere was electric with little bubble glass lights everywhere such a chiq feel. We were on the top floor in a secluded area for small groups. Great service, real class.

I ordered the Roasted Maine Lobster “Au Curry”. The cream sauce was out of this world. Still makes my mouth water. Everyone loved their food. After we enjoyed dinner it was easy to move over to the bar and enjoy the rest of the evening on a small dance floor.

The Highlight was the Bathroom … Yes, the Bathroom. As you walk into the restroom area you hear people yell Ahhhh. As I found out for good reason. When you walk into the restroom stall you realize it is all windows. So your on the top floor of the hotel going to the bathroom in front of all of Las Vegas. Only in Vegas!

On the downside. As we left the bar everyone grabbed a bottle of water. The price on those were $18 each. This seems a little steep..Its water.

You will find the MIX at the top of THEhotel, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV, www.mandalaybay.com


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