No Firearms Allowed

As I drove into the parking lot at Federal Express I noticed the sign saying “No Firearms Allowed.” As I entered the building to pick up my package another sign greeted me saying: “No Firearms Allowed.” (see this article also: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Orem&st=Utah&article_id=2118)

I asked the two men behind the window if the signs made them feel safer. They laughed. One of them said, “It’s a stupid policy. We can’t have any weapons to protect ourselves. If we carry a firearm we’ll be terminated.” I asked, “Do you think the signs will discourage thieves intent on stealing from you from caring guns?” The men laughed again. “Of course not.”

During the week I entered several other businesses that had similar signs posted. I thought it was pretty naive to believe that these signs would convince a criminal that they should not be armed. All it really did was ensure that law abiding citizens would be unarmed.

Americans no longer understand why the founding fathers felt so strongly about the need for individuals to have the right to keep and bear arms. Even though the founders believed these were God given rights, not government granted rights, they felt so strongly about the right to keep and bear arms that they enshrined it in the second amendment to the Constitution.

Their primary concern was in ensuring that all citizens be armed in order that they might have the power of weapons to turn to in case government morphed into a tyranny. Secondly they believed that men and women had a right to protect their lives and properties from invaders and from thieves and murderers.

Today every municipality, every county, every state, and the nation all have a myriad of gun laws that are so voluminous and so complex that no American citizen can possibly understand or comply with all of them. A citizen might have a “concealed carry permit” for one city, but not be able to take his pistol into another city without a permit. No longer can an American put a gun in the car and travel across America knowing that she has a weapon to turn to in case of threats.

Tyrants through out time have always sought to disarm the citizens that they wish to control and rule over. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many other bloody dictators disarmed their citizens so they could easily dispose of those who disagreed with them. It was necessary to disarm the citizens so they could plunder them, rule them, and force them into compliance with ruinous, disastrous, and murderous laws and policies.

Nation states the world over have sought to disarm their citizens so they can take advantage of them and so the citizens have nothing to turn to for personal defense. Today, the New World Order, also known as the United Nations, is at war with gun rights. It is doing all it can to convince the citizens of nations worldwide to give up their gun rights and become subjects rather than citizens. Many of the world’s people have already given up their rights. The Americans are the last hold outs, and their rights have already been greatly diminished. Gun rights and property rights are essential to freedom. With out the right to keep and bear arms there is no way to protect lives or property.

Everytime I see a sign that says “no firearms allowed” I become more worried to think that so many Americans in leadership positions and policy making decisions are so terrified that law abiding citizens should be carrying a firearm to protect themselves and others. I prefer to believe that they are not so foolish as to actually believe that such a sign will cause a criminal to leave their gun in the car. Surely they can’t be that naive. So why are they afraid of law abiding citizens being armed? I’ve had guns all my life and have never used them in the commission of a crime. I keep them for protection of my family, myself, my property and my rights. Personally I feel safer the more law abiding fellow citizens are armed.

Beware of those governments and others who would disarm you. It is not for your safety that they wish to disarm you. It is so they can oppress you. It has always been so. When your gun rights are gone, prepare to be plundered and subjected to bloody tyranny. Citizens have the right to keep and bear arms; subjects don’t.


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