NiteSite USA – Exclusive Distributor of NiteSite Products

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NiteSite, LLC
545 West 465 South
Providence, UT 84332
Phone: 435-535-3464
Web: www.nitesiteusa.com

NiteSite USA – Exclusive Distributor of NiteSite Products
Providence, UT ?›ƒ?ªƒ?? NiteSite is pleased to announce the availability of their unique and superior night vision scopes in North America with their newest exclusive distributor, NiteSite USA. NiteSite products offer the most innovative products in the night vision industry. The company, originally founded in Britain in 2011, began with 2 brothers recognizing the need to reinvent night vision using infrared technology. More than just revolutionizing the industry, the pair wanted to make products affordable and accessible to anyone.

Today Dave and Phil Craven base their manufacturing out of York, England with distribution worldwide. With several new lines to extend and expand the current line of NiteSite products, their North American distributor will play a key role in sales throughout 2014 and beyond.

NiteSite USA is led by Providence Utah residents, Justin Larsen and Dan Cox. Cox and Larsen, both users of NiteSite products are excited to take on the role of exclusive North American Distributor because the products are completely different from anything else on the market at an affordable price point.

NiteSite is a unique night vision system that quickly and easily converts attaches to your scope. Powerful infrared technology illuminates and captures your field of view up to 250 yards, even when there is no ambient light. Your target is viewed on a large, clear LCD screen with your head up using both eyes which makes spotting and targeting easier in night hunting conditions. It is easy to use, attaching to an existing rifle scope and can be detached in as little as sixty seconds.

NiteSite?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s night vision system provide heads up viewing with color images when used during the day. At night, the NiteSite?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s Eagle model features highly visible black and white clear images at up to 550 yards. Importantly, the units allow for quick attachment or detachment without the need to re-zero the scope. NiteSite currently offers 3 models to choose from, and accessories to make any hunt successful.

Learn more about this innovative product and how NiteSite USA can help you choose the right equipment for your next hunt by contacting NiteSite USA at 435-760-4116 today.

An Innovative Way of Shooting



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