Nite Site USA Begins Business In Providence

On my travels throughout Cache Valley I found a new company with an interesting product that they are bringing to market in the United States. It is called Nite Site USA.

In talking with the owner, I discovered that he found this product at a tradeshow and fell in love with it and the possibilities. Before too long, he had worked out an agreement with the owners, who are located in the United Kingdom, to be the distributor for North America.

The product they are bringing to market is a night vision scope and a night vision spotting scope along with some accessories. I have seen the clarity that these night vision scopes provide and it is amazing.

The night vision scope is designed to attach to your regular scope on a rifle, crossbow, etc. within a couple of minutes and you are in working order. It is lightweight and also shows your crosshairs in the display for complete accuracy.

The night vision spotting scope is a little larger and is a handheld device which can be used in the night to watch animals without being detected.

I think for anyone who is into hunting and animal spotting, you may want to follow this company and check out what they have available.
Their website is www.nitesiteusa.com.


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