Nicks Confirmed for Animal Services Director Post

Pocatello IdahoThis spring, there will be a new head of the City of Pocatello Animal Services Department.


At Thursday’s City Council meeting, the council voted to confirm Rhett Nicks as Animal Services Director. Prior to accepting the position in Pocatello, Nicks served as Community Outreach Coordinator at St. Louis County Animal Care and Control in St. Louis, Missouri. While on the job, Nicks was responsible for shelter promotions and public outreach programs, building relationships with different animal related groups in the area, and ensuring county ordinances and laws governing donations, expenditures, finance, and accounting were followed.


“Rhett brings a new perspective along with fresh ideas to the table,” said Mayor Brian Blad. “I look forward to the opportunities he will bring to the people of Pocatello and most importantly, the animals of the Gate City.”


“I first heard of Pocatello through its effort to get a new flag,” said Nicks. “Later, I saw the posting for the Animal Services Director position, looked into the community, and decided that Pocatello would be a great fit for me.”


Moving ahead, Nicks says he looks forward to getting to know the community and continuing to build on its previous successes.


“First, I’ll be meeting with staff to see what’s going right for the department and see what we can improve on,” Nicks said. “I’d like to create a strategic plan that will help the community address the animal related issues in the area, specifically the large cat population. From there, I plan on meeting different stakeholders, as well as look into ways we can expand our development opportunities and continue successful events such as ‘Splash Dance for Dogs.’”


Nicks will be joined on his move to Pocatello by Gooch, his eight-to-nine-year-old pit bull.


“Gooch came to me at around a year old, give or take a few months,” said Nicks. “He was taken in as a stray by a shelter I worked at. I took him home to give him a bath and he never left.”


He is scheduled to start his work with the City of Pocatello March 27.


For more information on the Animal Services department, visit pocatello.us/animal.

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