New Workshop from the Brain Trainer: The Miracle Code

The Miracle Code: From Chronic Illness to Vibrant Health 
Date: Sat. Nov. 21, 10-5pm.
Contact: Holly Stokes 801-810-9406
Email: [email protected]
Have you struggled with a chronic illness? Do you experience pain or a debilitating disease? 
The Mind Body Connection is Real.
We see the mind body connection through the stress response: when we think of stressful thoughts, the body physically responds and goes into 'fight or flight' mode.  This was useful in the ancestral past when danger was immediate and life threatening. But now, the stressors we face are more imagined threat rather than physical danger. 
When the body is in 'fight or flight' mode, it releases stress hormones and stops working on the immune system as well as stops healing and repair responses. 
We know that stress is a major contributor to all the major diseases. The CDC estimates that 90% of all doctor visits are due to symptoms directly related to stress. We also know that stress can aggravate illness or disease and even cause symptoms. 
Some stressors we are aware of, but others are stress habits happening so quickly that we are only aware of the effects: anxiety, poor health, lack of energy, depressed mood and fatigue. 
And then at a deeper level, we can have mental blocks that keep the body from balance and healing. 
Join me as I share my own story and system that allowed me to overcome a chronic illness and experience vibrant health and an active lifestyle. 
Join us for a full day training event.  Here's what we'll cover in the course: 

  • How to Change Stress Habits
  • Decode Your Body's Symptoms
  • Understand How the Mind & Body Interact
  • How to Speak With Your Unconscious Mind
  • How to Clear the Mental Blocks that Interfere with Your Health
  • Understand The 7 Levels of Healing
  • Create Your Own Roadmap to Vibrant Health

You'll learn about the 7 Levels of Healing and how to identify your own process and journey of healing through each level. And you'll discover how the levels of the mind interface with the 7 Levels of Healing. We'll draw on the skills of the Law of Attraction, plus engaging the unconscious mind for health and healing.  and drawing upon Source energy for transforming the root causes of illness and embracing greater health and healing. 
Discover a powerful new way of understanding illness, health and healing. And learn the skills to apply it to your own life for vibrant health. 
See details and register at: www.thebraintrainerllc.com/classes
Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Thought Pattern Management Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist has over 20 years experience in the field of applied psychology and personal development. She loves empowering others with trainings and skills to heal their life through integration and alignment of the mind and body. She is the author of two books and several CDs designed to rewire the brain for health, happiness and success. 
Through her own experience of overcoming a chronic illness, Holly observed first hand how the mind and body interact and learned how to apply the healing strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Thought Pattern Management to herself. 
What she discovered through her own journey and process is a roadmap to healing and vibrant living.


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