New Spring Creek Hiking Trail Proposed

Concept Presented to Parks & Recreation Commission on August 8
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO-August 6, 2018-A proposal for a new Spring Creek Hiking Trail goes
before the Park & Recreation Commission on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. The new trail runs adjacent to the
existing Spring Creek Trail and would help minimize conflicts as well as legitimize portions of unsanctioned
paths that have been in use for years.
The new proposed hiking trail would start near the existing
Spring Creek Trail and be constructed with a goal of being
sustainable and low maintenance. The trail would exist
entirely on city property and gently gain elevation to the
Steamboat Gardens Ditch (an unsanctioned trail) where it is
culverted. The new trail would follow the culverted section,
bypassing a steep, rocky section. It would then exit off of the
Gardens Ditch to a newly constructed section of trail, which
would safely cross the downhill bike trail and connect to the
existing Spring Creek Trail.
The city is close to reaching an agreement with the water
rights owners that will allow the city to culvert a portion of the
ditch. The new downhill bike trail will travel on top of a portion
of the ditch and the city will also create a new hikers only trail
that would help address trespass concerns and minimize user
Looking back to the early 1990’s, the Spring Creek Mountain
Park Master Plan identified a corridor for the Spring Creek
Trail to be constructed. Several social trails existed on private
and public property that were not included in the trails plan.
One of these social trails was on the Steamboat Gardens
Ditch irrigation delivery system.
In 2017, the Parks & Recreation Commission endorsed the
construction of a downhill directional trail next to the existing
Spring Creek Trail. The downhill bike alignment must cross the Gardens Ditch.
As staff worked with neighboring property owners, all parties identified an opportunity to address the
unsanctioned trail and impacts from users on the Gardens Ditch and nearby properties. The proposed Spring
Creek Hiking Trail addresses those. If approved, the new trail will be maintained by the city and subject to
seasonal wildlife closures December 1 – April 15 each year.


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