New Look For Social Security Website

The homepage at www.socialsecurity.gov has a whole new look and feel. An updated theme presents a fresh, modern look and feel, while reflecting current trends and best practices in web design. Included are a new top banner and footer, an updated color scheme, and a simplified layout.

The homepage now features popular ??????main menus?????? to help you quickly and easily find information, rather than searching different areas of the homepage. For example:

??????? Social Security number (SSN) card information is in the ??????Numbers & Cards?????? section.

??????? The ???????Benefits?????? section has information about Social Security (Retirement, Survivors & Disability), Medicare, Extra Help and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

??????? Go to ??????Information for????????????? to see topics for specific populations, including AIAN, or third party groups such as financial planners, representative payees, health and human resources professionals and others.

??????? The ??????Business & Government?????? section contains Business Services Online and other material for employers and the self-employed as well as items of Congressional interest.

??????? The ??????Our Agency?????? section features statistical, organizational and historical information about the Social Security Administration.

The central icons are service-focused: they direct the user by helping them decide what they need to do on the website. Do you want to set up a my Social Security account? Are you looking for our online services? If you are retirement age, you may be looking for The Estimator to use to estimate your benefit amount. The FAQS icon is the gateway to the most frequently asked questions about Social Security.

The lower portion of the website shows a section called ??????Items of Interest?????? which includes Forms, Publications, Other Languages, and Office Closings among other topics. Right next to the ??????Items of Interest?????? section is ??????News?????? which is a great place to read up-to-date news briefs about Social Security issues. Below that section on the right are links to our Social Media Hub: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Get Updates, Podcasts, Photoblog and Webinars. This is the place to visit to get social with Social Security.

Keeping in mind the growing number of tablet users, Social Security made the new theme tablet friendly. Smartphone users will continue to enjoy the benefits of the mobile-friendly website launched in May.

Even though the homepage look has changed, your bookmarked links to favorite pages have not. The website pages you regularly use will still be just a click away. So, experience the new homepage at www.socialsecurity.gov and share this information with your family, friends and relatives.


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