Never Change Your Heart. . .

Mark????????s Column ~ Move On, Be Strong ~~ Never Change Your HEART. . .

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great day. This is my weekend column focused on the world economy and hoping others can benefit from the content contained herein. I????????ve taken a look at many things over the past week. Most of them can be found here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434 and you can see which way the world is turning. I????????m not sure why we had a bunch of American soldiers burning the Koran overseas. But that has furthered the United States as an enemy to people of other countries. Believe me, that was not an incidental accident as Barack Obama attempts to point out. It would probably be a good idea if the United States could work on the education of their combatants. This is getting absurd.

On the front that is most important to us individually, let????????s take a look at our deficit as a nation ~ right now (Take a serious look, folks. Primarily because inflation is going to increase, taxes are going to increase or this nation is going to go BUST. Oh wait a minute, this nation is already busted. Not we all have to wait for the BLACK SWAN to land to determine what is going to happen next. Perhaps California will become another country?):


Do any of you see that number going down? I don????????t think so. That????????s because most of you receiving this newsletter are of ??????heightened?????? awareness, or ??????enlightenment?????? as I prefer to term it. Believe it or not, your level of insight will be increased in the weeks coming forth provided you keep reading. I????????m going to try to avoid burning everyone out with excessive information. However, since I have spent nearly 30 years learning this information I shall share it to those who care to understand. What we are facing off with is a very undesirable circumstance. When I say ??????we,?????? I mean WE as a nation. The conditions are absurd. Many battles have been fought but this one is about the worst I????????ve ever experienced in my life. This material is published because of the knowledge attained through deeply thought out research. Tough times remain ahead. Don????????t let the fools in the mass stream media fool you into thinking otherwise. Let????????s look at some of the problems that have led us to where we are at. . .

Barack Obama is a back street boy from Chicago that was born in Kenya, who only knows how to blow words to the public. He is merely some type of ??????pawn?????? that was put into place by the oligarchs of society. He is not brilliant in speculating future events. So get ready for things to get very tough. What we need now is real CHANGE. We don????????t need promises that can????????t be kept. It is very easy to see what ??????change?????? Barack Obama has made with this nation. College graduates can????????t even find employment with viable companies. Even those with incredible grades as they struggled through their scholastic environment.

Let????????s take a music break. Go out and get yourself a drink of a beverage you surely desire. Particularly one that will keep you settled down. You will need it. It will also help you to enjoy the information forthcoming. Enjoy. . .

Great White ~ Never Change Your Heart. . .

Okay, let????????s get back to the finance and economics thing. You should all consider adding this site on your information network: http://321gold.com/ I know it????????s called ??????Gold.com?????? but Bob also has the charts from Kitco.com that track the value of the US dollar and silver. The reason why you want to track these things is because as the value of the dollar goes down, the value of gold and silver goes up. This is how you can identify a financial crisis long before others. The point is, keep that focus for your families and your future wealth concerns. Trust me, there will be plenty of people that understand nothing of the markets that will try and veer you into another direction. When you read this column, you won????????t need to worry about them. You will, however, need to identify risks when allocating your capital. At this stage in capital fluctuation the best thing to do is to pay DOWN your debt and SELL everything you don????????t need. If you don????????t use it, why are you holding on to it? That????????s the question to ask yourself.

I do not like to ??????overwrite?????? my columns. I like everyone to have enough time to go through and reach a new understanding of what is going on in the financial sectors of the world. The world events that are highlighted within will have significant effects on your future as far as it concerns your personal capital spending and your livelihood in the future. It is not just about the United States economy. For it is the world economies that are a BIG part of the American economy. Did you all figure it out yet? Shipping our jobs for Americans overseas has destroyed our own economy. Restructuring our own economy is going to take time. Bernanke and Geithner sure never figured it out, now did they?

Right now, with that debt clock you have all been provided free access to, you can see things are looking quite grim. And this comes at a time when the president of the United States appears to like having parties and taking trips instead of facing the issues at hand. This is indeed, an odd period in time. I know one thing that is for certain, I don????????t take a vacation when I have gotten ready for my exams or when making business transactions. How about you?

Let????????s listen to another tune and then close this session . . .

Player ~ This Time I????????m in it For YOU. . .

Hey, everyone had better be out to save themselves and their families, because it is perfectly apparent those elected into office are focused on saving themselves and the banks, rather than the very people that voted them into office. My opinions are ironclad from decades of research. One can take them or leave them and obviously, they are free to give me their own opinions. Indeed, I thought the previous Bush administration was horrid but this administration with Obama is horrible. Let????????s see what the future brings to guide this nation and help all of us maintain health and wealth. The gamble on this end is that Romney, Paul and Hatch will be the next leaders of this country. All three are very brilliant. I also look forward to seeing Michele Bachmann holding a position in congress.

Stay peaceful. With that in mind, we????????ll all make it through.

Peace be with you all ~ always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine, Universities. Presently pursuing his doctorate in International Business and Trade.


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