“Nest of Rebels;” Desolation Warfare and Patriot Resistance in Westchester County, 1777 (Thursday, November 14, 2019 07:00 PM)

Fort Montgomery State Historic Site

Phone: (845) 446-2134

The campaign of 1777 in Westchester County was a transitional period from conventional warfare to guerilla warfare. In the spring of 1777 the British operating out of New York City attempted to punish the “rebels” of the lower Hudson Valley, raiding patriot strongholds across the County. In the fall of 1777 Westchester became an auxiliary battlefront in the larger war for New York State, connected to the Saratoga campaign and the Battle of Forts Clinton and Montgomery. By late 1777 conventional warfare had given way to a British policy of “Desolation Warfare,” in which light troops composed of irregular forces engaged in punitive raids and counter-raids. As a result, many patriot homes became military outposts or targets of raids. Women, families and enslaved persons became de facto combatants and were forced to make difficult compromises. Learn about their plight and the dramatic neutral ground in this evening lecture by Revolutionary Westchester 250 Historian, Erik Weiselberg Ph.D.


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