Neither Slavery Nor Involuntary Servitude

Amendment XIII, Section 1. of the U.S. Constitution states:
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

This amendment became law as a result of a bloody and protracted civil war that was, in part, a contest to free the slaves. Slavery was, of course more than just financial or economic bondage, and I do not wish to directly address slavery today. Rather I wish to address to a small degree the issue of current U.S. involuntary servitude.

If we can agree that it is wrong for a man to expropriate by force the wealth of another against the will of that property owner, then can we also agree that no man can delegate that illegal force of expropriation to another? (see the book: The Law by Frederick Bastiat for more on this subject.)

Even before the civil war the framers of the Constitution were concerned about government abuse of the power to expropriate wealth. They were determined to limit the power of government to specifically enumerated powers. They feared unlimited government’s limitless desire for power and property. They sought to protect private property from government’s natural, and excessive greed.

Today one class of men is subject to the envy, covetousness, and jealousy of another class of men in the United States. One class is forced to be the “involuntary servants” of another class. One class expects another class to provide free healthcare, free food, free housing, free education, and a myriad of free services, subsidies, grants, and other unearned benefits to another class. The use of the full force of government is applied in this Marxist subjugation of one class of men to the will of another. This redistribution of wealth is not the voluntary charity of men of good will, rather it is the involuntary forced servitude imposed by a class of malingerers and tyrants. Those who are pressed into this involuntary service are not remunerated for their service or property.

All those receiving these “free” and unearned benefits quickly lose at least a portion of their skills and abilities to produce and earn an honest living. They lose the competitive edge that hard won abilities, knowledge gained through honest marketplace competition and work experience would have granted them. As a result they become dependent upon the taxpayers and the remaining producers. They feel that somehow they are victims (victims of their own folly?) and that they are now magically entitled to lay claim upon the earnings of strangers to support themselves or to prop up their failing organizations, nations or businesses. How that entitlement carries any moral force is a mystery to many. They do not stop to think that those who are forced into involuntary servitude may chafe under the yoke of this onerous and unfair bondage. The parasite class is ok with the use of threats and force to gain what they want from the producer. This, in part, is how tyranny is born.

One of the ways that government can secretly steal value in order to fund the unearned benefits of those who wish to sponge, mooch, and malinger is to borrow Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve rather than to simply raise taxes further or borrow from other sources. In doing this it is able to secretly expropriate value not only from the producer, but from the malingerer as well. Both have dollars, and both see the value or the purchasing power of those dollars fall as they see the effects of monetary inflation upon market prices of goods, property, and services.

Of course, it is easy to fool the malingerers into believing that the villains in this ongoing price escalation are the business people who raise prices to keep up with an inflating money supply rather than those who are borrowing new debt notes from the Federal Reserve to finance the deficits caused by the demands of malingerers. This allows the politicians to pose as philanthropists using other people’s confiscated money to fund their philanthropy. By being seen as the givers of gifts they make themselves heroes to the sponge class.

Where do the gargantuan government deficits come from? They come from a government that spends far beyond its means to satisfy the infinite demands of the people who feed off it. Demands from corporations wishing subsidies, demands from the United Nations for global Peace Keeping wars and other global redistribution of wealth programs, demands from illegal aliens attracted by the free feast, and demands from other malingerers wanting something for nothing. As the government trough expands to feed any desire that anyone might wish from it in order that it might expand its power over people, nations and corporations, so also grows the government’s demand for ever more Federal Reserve notes to help fund the parabolically expanding orgy.

The enumerated powers and bonds of the Constitution have been violated and the Social Democracy created out of the destruction of the Constitutional Republic is now free to vote itself an infinite supply of free benefits. This is how democracies commit suicide and why the founding fathers rejected democracy in favor of a limited Republican form of government.(see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4r0VUybeXY)

Who feels the pain of this excessive government burden? Taxpayers of course, but also anyone holding the debt notes called Federal Reserve Notes, even foreigners. The malingerer class doesn’t fully realize that as it demands ever more from the government cornucopia of free benefits that the value of those Federal Reserve Notes they are receiving is falling as a result. They will feel some of this pain along with the workers who are forced into involuntary servitude to fund the excess. Once the floodgates of “free benefits” are opened and the “something for nothing crowd” finds there is no impediment to taking whatever it can weasel out of the system the demand for these benefits becomes infinite.

That is where we are today. Masses of foreign governments, corporations, citizens, illegal aliens, and government employees feel that they deserve special treatment, higher wages, more unearned benefits, subsidies, grants, and other largesse. They don’t care where this blood money comes from or what the cost is to the host, so long as they can enjoy something for nothing. They lobby, beg, whine, and promise their loyalty to the politicians in return for this largesse. The host or involuntary servant, the producer of the feast, needs to just shut up and serve, accepting the lashes on his back.

As the great Prime Minister,Winston Churchill, observed: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston’s latter day counterpart, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is attributed with this quote: ??????The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ??????

As the parasite or sponge classes become larger and more wealthy in their plunder than those who produce the wealth, the producers will eventually look for ways to shrug off the increasingly punishing bondage. One form of confiscation that producers can shrug off (to some degree)today is part of the inflation confiscation. Producers do this by purchasing silver and gold. Silver and gold retain value in the face of currency inflation. If a producer converts his “Federal Reserve Notes” into precious metals, and the Federal Reserve Notes continue to lose purchasing power, he has protected himself from that debasement. His precious metals will escalate in value against the notes.

Of course there are other things an involuntary servant can do to shrug off the bondage, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.


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