Nazis are Fascists. Fascists are Socialists. Fascists are Statists.

It’s always interesting to me when I hear someone from the “left” label those on the “right” as Fascists or Nazis. It’s clear they don’t have a clue what a Fascist or a Nazi is. Neither do they understand the political spectrum shown at the bottom of this article.

When Hitler rose to power in Germany prior to the onset of WWII he helped establish the National Socialist Party, the Nazis. It’s clear from the title of the party that it was a socialist party, in other words, it was on the left of the so called political spectrum.

The National Socialist Party, the Nazis, were also statists, that is, they believed in the absolute power of the state. The state did not recognize individual rights, not even the right to life or property as we saw demonstrated in their many death camps and in their willingness to conquer entire nations and confiscate by force the wealth of others. They had zero respect for private property, especially if you were of a different political persuasion.

Today, the Tea Party wants smaller government (no statists there). The Tea Party is diametrically opposed to socialism. The Tea Party people wish to protect individual Constitutional rights and limit the size of government. The Tea Party wants to limit tax, protect life, and fight back against the rampant growth of socialism. Tea Party people are for freedom; they are against one class enslaving another (even through taxation). They are anything but fascist or socialist.

No, it’s the left that embraces the programs, the ideas, and the goals of socialism, Marxism, and Fascism. They are the statists. They are the ones who believe more government, more government control, fewer individual rights, more taxes, more government programs, and more government imposed regulations are the answers to all problems. They are the ones forcing socialized medicine on everyone else. They are the ones who want to take guns away from law abiding citizens so that they have no recourse against tyranny.

Let’s be clear, true conservatives (not the neocons) are against fascism, statism, communism, and socialism. They are for free enterprise and a limited Constitutional Republic as we used to enjoy in America. They support individual property rights, low taxes, and limited government. Don’t be deceived by the name calling and labeling. Conservatives don’t want fascism any more than they want communism or socialism.

The three “isms”, socialism, communism, and fascism are fairly interchangeable; all three lead to or often become totalitarian tyranny. Study the murderous results of China’s socialism, Russia’s socialism, Cambodia’s socialism, Vietnam’s socialism, and Nazi Germany’s socialism. That should be enough alone to convince you that giving too much power to governments is dangerous. Socialism leads to government institutionalized theft or redistribution of wealth. Force and tyranny are required to force everyone to bend to the will of the government. What we need is very limited government. The framers of the U.S. Constitution understood this.

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