NASA Reports Mass Gains in Antarctic Ice Sheet

I was so hoping for a warm winter and a greatly extended growing season, but NASA reports that ice sheets are growing.  (See: )  That report makes me worry that more cold weather is coming. When will we get the promised global warming?

Then, to make matters worse, I read this story at that predicts a very cold and snowy winter ahead:  I can only hope those reporting such a prediction are wrong. Have they checked with the global warming crowd?

If the ice sheets are growing, does this mean there will be more polar bears?  What will that mean to me and my family? Does more ice mean more bears? At least now we hope they won't have to hop from one small ice cube to another looking for a place to walk. Does growth in the ice sheets mean we won't be seeing more alarming pictures about polar bears having no place to walk because the ice is disappearing? These pictures of polar bears on small pieces of ice probably mean disaster for the bears, right?:



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