NAPA AutoCare Center Facts to Know

When you bring your automobile to A.B. Hadley’s NAPA AutoCare Center in Ogden, UT, you know your car is being cared for by one of the most top-notch automotive repair service teams money can buy. Our service team has been trained to deliver the results you’re looking for, and we look forward to showing that off. So, if you’re ready to remedy that “check engine” light that keeps toggling on and off without rhyme or reason, we invite you to drive on over.

Whether you’re a new customer to our AutoCare Center, or are a regular neighborhood patron, we thank you for your business. Here are a few things you might not know about our neighborhood AutoCare Center.

  1. You can take it easy.We’ve got you. Our technicians have access to advanced NAPA AutoTech training which means after all our hands-on experience, we aren’t daunted by much. In fact, our crew has emerged victorious after surviving classroom setting trainings spanning automotive, and heavy-duty machinery on top of it.You can relax knowing that after initial inspection, we’ll execute our detailed plan in an expert fashion.
  2. The second NAPA fun fact you might not know is that because we earned certified AutoCare Center status, we are able to offer perks such as more flexible financing options for you, etc.
  3. One more fun fact? Okay, you win. A.B. Hadley Inc. delivers the quality you expect from
    independent auto repair garages combined with unique products, and other confidence-boosting solutions thanks to our partnership with NAPA Auto Parts.Due to differences like these, we have no problem claiming we are your go-to local automobile repair service experts.

Thank you for continuously choosing to rely on our 89+ years of on the job experience. Keep it local, pay it forward and always stay on track. We respect your time and appreciate your business!

We invite you to have a peek at our NAPA Service Assistant next time you’re online to get a head start on determining where the root cause of your auto issue resides.

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