Most Profitable Items to Recycle

Most Profitable Items to Recycle

Most people today understand the importance of recycling. It’s an efficient way to repurpose old materials that’s equally environmentally sustainable. People may not realize that many of the items they recycle—or worse, throw away—can earn them money. Check out some of the most profitable items to recycle and start saving your money.


One of the easiest and most lucrative recyclable items is aluminum. Aluminum cans are everywhere. Soup, canned fruits and vegetables, and sauces all come in aluminum cans. While each can might ring up a few cents at a time, bringing in containers worth adds up. Rather than toss your aluminum cans with the rest of your recyclables, set them aside and find a metal recycling center near you for some quick cash.


E-waste is an ever-present issue today, given the vast use of technology. With technology constantly upgraded with each passing few years, you might not know how to discard old devices. Do not throw them away, as this can lead to harmful chemicals leaching into the air, water, and soil. Instead, take them to an electronic recycling center where they will properly dispose of your old technology and clear any sensitive data remaining in it. Since many of these devices have precious materials, like LEDs, platinum, and gold, you’ll easily receive payment for them.

Scrap Metal

There are many benefits to recycling steel or other scrap metals, but one of them is that you can receive a hefty amount of money for it. Note there are different types of metal to consider: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals contain iron and can corrode; however, non-ferrous metals—like copper, brass, or tin—do not contain iron and therefore do not rust or corrode. Metal recyclers can use high-powered magnets to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals for you. While the quality of metal determines how much money you’ll receive, earning a little is better than none at all. They aren’t always the most profitable items to recycle, but you will get some extra cash for recycling them.


Finally, plastic is perhaps one of the most common recycled materials, but many people don’t realize it can add quick money back to their pockets. The amount of money earned back depends on the region; however, like aluminum, simply bring containers of plastic bottles to the nearest recycling station for some easy money. Not every plastic is the same, though, so check the number on the bottom of the bottle or container to see which you can recycle in your area.