MobiCardUSA, Inc. Adds 6,200 San Francisco Area Businesses to Savings Club

Logan, Utah – MobiCardUSA, Inc. announced today that in conjunction with their affiliate program, there have been 6,200 San Francisco area businesses added to the MobiCard membership savings club. These businesses offer daily deals to consumers who are looking at ways to stretch their hard earned dollars.

MobiCard started just over a year ago in Northern Utah with about 130 offers available to local businesses. Since that time, MobiCard has increased the number of offers to more than 750,000 deals and locations to reach from Maine on the east coast to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.  It’s interesting to note that the majority of the cities in the United States have deals available within 25 miles.

“We are excited to have added this many new businesses in the San Francisco area to give our customers so much more choice in where they want to save.” stated Rob Hunt, President of MobiCardUSA, Inc.

MobiCard is different than many of the other discount type programs available today. Perhaps, the biggest difference is that members can pay a low, one-time membership rate and have access to everything on MobiCard for an entire year. So, instead of paying for every discount you want to have, you pay just once and have access to member discounts anywhere in the United States MobiCard has discounts available.

About MobiCardUSA, Inc.

MobiCardUSA, Inc. started with the goal of giving groups a way to safely and effectively raise money for youth activities. However, since that time, MobiCard has become much more to families and price conscious individuals. Today, MobiCard is a way for anyone to easily save money everyday without losing physical cards, or carrying around bulky books. MobiCard is always on a persons phone and within a fingers reach. (More information: www.MobiCardUSA.com)

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