Mistakes Homeowners Make in Summer

Mistakes Homeowners Make in Summer

Summer is meant to be a season full of fun and relaxation. But just because you’re taking a summertime respite doesn’t mean you can shirk your responsibilities.

While you’re lounging by the pool, your home could be falling apart at the seams. Prevent disasters from ruining your summer by keeping up with basic home maintenance—even if it means foregoing a couple of leisurely naps or trips to the beach. Here are some mistakes homeowners make in summer and how to prevent them.

Summer Thunder

With summer comes some of the most intense weather of the year. Most thunderstorms occur in the late spring and summer months, as do most hailstorms and tornadoes. If you aren’t prepared to deal with inclement weather, you could be in real trouble when a storm finally rolls around. You could be left without power for days or weeks, or your home could even be destroyed, leaving you to handle the costly repairs.

Make sure to cross these items off your storm preparedness to-do checklist before the next storm happens.

  • Create an emergency preparedness kit.
  • Trim the branches of overhanging trees.
  • Park cars, trucks, and motorcycles in a safe place.
  • Close exterior shutters and interior blinds or curtains.
  • Hook up the generator.

Gutters? What Gutters?

The next mistake homeowners make in summer is forgetting about their house’s gutters and downspouts. You know, those giant metal eaves hanging off the side of your home. If you forgot about them, don’t worry. Most homeowners like to pretend they don’t exist because cleaning them out can be a real hassle.

Cleaning them out is necessary. If you neglect to do this, debris will accumulate in them. If they become clogged with debris, rainwater from storms will be unable to drain away. Eventually, the water will spill over the side of the gutters and trickle down the siding into your basement or even foundation. The combined weight of the debris and water can even cause the gutters to break or fall off.

Creepy Crawlies

There’s nothing that screams “warm weather” more than grass peeking out from beneath mounds of snow. But when the snow melts, the grass isn’t the only thing that emerges. Hibernating insects come out from hiding—prepared to bite you, buzz in your ear, and overtake your kitchen now that their long nap is done.

Pest invasions are very common in the summertime. You might get lucky and only have one or two ants, or you could get ridiculously unlucky and wind up with a house packed to the brim with centipedes and other creepy crawlies.

To keep insects out, make sure to keep your home well-ventilated and seal any cracks in the foundation, walls, or windows.