Mining Shipping; A Short Case Study Summary

Who doesn’t love drilling into the earth to emerge victorious bearing precious metals and other highly sought-after mineral deposits? While the process of mining may be tedious, the process of mining shipping doesn’t have to be, RTM Lines has your back.  

Chances are slim we can top our coordination involving a prior order involving a client in Morocco. Not only did we complete shipment in a timely manner, RTM Lines ran frontrunner on coordination logistics to ensure that the jobsite would be operational upon delivery. The result? Victory, of course.  

Whether your international shipping order is on par with the case study mentioned above, or something simpler, complexity isn’t an issue when it comes to getting your mining shipping order fulfilled in a timely manner. It: 

  • Electric Shovels 
  • Excavators 
  • Generators 
  • Graders 
  • Air Fans 
  • Locomotives 
  • Hoists 
  • Loaders 
  • TBMs 
  • Trucks 
  • And more! 

With over a decade as an international shipping industry leader, you know you can count on the expertise at RTM Lines to assist your line of work in maintaining its competitive edge. With priorities on safety, security and speed of delivery, you must know that we can’t wait to know you checked this mining shipping project off your to-do list.  

Get in touch with our talented, experienced team today toll free at (800) 847-7447 to discuss your next construction shipping challenge. Carry on you tunnel-digging, precious- mineral deposit extracting, awesome person, you. 🙂