Military Veterans are Choosing NOPD to Continue their Public Service

More than one-third of recruits hired in 2016 have U.S. military experience

NEW ORLEANS—As the NOPD continues to aggressively build up its ranks, U.S. military veterans are making the decision to join the department to continue a career in public service. The NOPD has launched three new police recruits classes so far this year and more than one-third of the recruits hired are military veterans. Joining the NOPD is a natural next step for military veterans who are looking for a way to continue serving their country in one of the most unique cities in America.

“Military veterans know what it means to serve and to protect, and that’s why they are choosing a career with the NOPD,” said Superintendent Michael Harrison, who served eight years in the Louisiana Air National Guard. “We offer a paramilitary environment that allows military veterans to serve their city in the same way that they served their country. As we continue to grow our police force, we are targeting candidates with military backgrounds who thrive in a disciplined, structured and community-oriented environment.

This year, the NOPD recruitment effort targeted military veterans in North Carolina and Texas, bringing the testing process on the road for the first time since before Hurricane Katrina. The department held testing events in June at Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg in North Carolina and in October at Fort Hood in Texas.

The NOPD will launch a fourth class of new recruits before the end of 2016.

Fast employment available for former military personnel

NOPD has instituted a new program to extend employment offers to certain applicants within weeks of submitting an application and before they complete the entire Police Recruit selection progress. Applicants with past military service will be given top consideration for a Police Aide position and can begin serving in an administrative capacity almost immediately while police recruit application process.

Applicants who qualify for the Police Aide Program earn $2,222/month while working for NOPD in an administrative or laborer capacity while they complete the Police Recruit selection process. Only applicants who have successfully completed the multiple choice and written exams, the agility test, and the panel interview are eligible for this program. Please note that entry to this program is limited and therefore slots are awarded on a competitive basis. If you are interested in this program please mention your interest to your assigned background investigator.

Go to www.joinnopd.org today to start the application process.

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