Military Training Exercises in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – Members of the military are conducting urban military training in New Orleans from February 7-17, 2017. This training has been coordinated with the appropriate state, parish, and city officials as well as private property owners.

All safety precautions have been implemented in order to prevent unnecessary risk to both the participants and/or area residents and their property.

Prior to training in a specific area, attempts are made by the military to notify residents via door-to-door knocking and delivery of written notice. This happens at a few hours before the training, with the intent of giving residents warning about the sound without necessarily drawing a crowd to the operations. 911 operators were also notified.

The training involves the use of training simulations and helicopters. This is conducted at night to simulate environments our troops may encounter in operations overseas.

Sounds associated with the training may be heard in the local area. Law enforcement is aware of the training and will be contacting nearby residences and establishments prior to the training to notify them of the exercises. The military sincerely appreciates the cooperation of the citizens and local businesses in the vicinity of this training and apologizes for any disturbances.

The New Orleans Police Department has met with military representatives to discuss details of the training exercises and will have officers present during each of the training exercises.

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