Miami prepares for another round of King Tide

(Miami, FL October 4, 2018) – The City of Miami’s Department of Resilience and Public Works continues to take proactive measures in preparation for the upcoming King Tide. King Tide is scheduled to begin on October 6 and expected to last until October 13 with peaks occurring October 9 and October 10, 2018.

Some of the actions taken in anticipation for the next King Tide window include:

  • Purchased new temporary tidal dams, designed to prevent flooding over seawalls during extreme tides. Approximately 150 feet will be installed along the seawall and perimeter of Little River Point Park in the Shorecrest neighborhood and 150 feet along the bridge at West Fairview Street in Fairview.
  • Deploying temporary plugs to prevent backflow through the stormwater systems in certain City roads prone to inundation.
  • Installed 6 permanent one-way tidal valves in the stormwater system located in the neighborhoods of Shorecrest and Fairview.
  • Deployed temporary pumps and have operations crews on standby to respond to flooding issues.

King Tide Safety and Tips:

  • Floodwater may contain unseen hazards such as trash and pollutants picked up from the environment, pets, wildlife, broken glass and other debris. Do not enter floodwater and do not allow children to play in floodwater. If you or your children come into contact with floodwater, be sure to clean skin with soap and hot water.
  • King Tide tidal flooding can be observed 1.5-2 hours before and after peak time.
  • Driving through floodwater is not advisable. Do not drive through floodwater as it may be deeper than it appears, and unseen debris could cause flat tires.
  • Do not park your vehicle in low lying areas. Vehicles that have come into contact with floodwater should be checked and cleaned.
  • Boaters should be aware that king tides can cause lower clearance levels than normal under fixed bridges.
  • Properties in low lying areas should use flood mitigation options such as sand bags.
  • Report King Tide in your neighborhood using the 311 app.
  • Remember to drain and cover.


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