Meet the One Woman Behind NOPD’s Homeless Assistance Unit

NEW ORLEANS – Each day of the week in her ten passenger van, B.B. St. Roman assists about 12 homeless individuals through the city of New Orleans.

B.B. St. Roman is the Executive Director for NOPD’s Homeless Assistance Unit, and she’s been caring for homeless individuals since the unit was launched 13 years ago.

“The idea is to connect people with services, so they can get off the streets and they’re not homeless anymore and also get the help that they need,” said St. Roman.

Retired NOPD Eighth District Captain Louis Dabdoub III started the program back in 2003. At that time, he applied for a grant to purchase a ten passenger van, quickly organized the details of the program and hired B.B. St Roman in March of 2004.

“Until the van arrived, I walked everywhere, interacting with homeless people but not transporting them yet,” said B.B. St. Roman. “That’s how I learned what a full-time job it was to be homeless!”

As of today, she’s transported more than 15,000 homeless individuals to shelters, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, jobs and other services.

Click the link to read more about B.B. role with the homeless community and the NOPD

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