Medline opens 630KSF Phoenix high-tech LEED distribution center

City of PhoenixMore and more healthcare customers—hospitals, long-term care facilities and even home care providers—want products delivered when needed, and not every organization is able to maintain the cost and space for large inventories.

Medline, a privately-held, Northfield, Illinois-based, healthcare supplier is more than doubling its Phoenix footprint so it can continue to meet that need.

Being able to provide quality medical devices and supplies across the continuum of care is the reason the company built a new 630,000-square-foot distribution center in southwest Phoenix. The LEED-eligible building has nearly four stories of clear height, 60 truck bays, and proprietary technology in this sophisticated facility.

The new Phoenix site is one of more than 40 distribution centers located across the country making it possible for Medline to make any of its more than 350,000 products available whenever and wherever clinicians and patients need them most.

In addition, the company designed a nearly 17,000-square-foot temperature controlled room for storage of medical supplies. The building is also fully redundant on generated power in case of electricity loss.

According to a company spokesperson, the distribution center is patient-centered and reflects how healthcare purchasing habits are changing. Organizations, in a way, are no different than consumers who want product delivered as quickly as possible after it’s ordered.

Medline can customize orders being shipped from this new distribution center in Phoenix to accommodate customers’ needs. The company’s supply chain logistics and expertise allow it to respond to customer needs while managing and maintaining appropriate inventories. Medline also owns its own fleet of trucks.

This approach to medical device and supply delivery also provides assurances that a patient can have consistent access to the same quality products no matter where care is being delivered. It also helps accommodate standardization of supplies for all levels of a health care company’s facilities.

Open now at 8787 W. Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, Medline’s distribution center sits on 36 acres. McShane Construction was the general contractor on the facility and Ware-Macomb had the design assignment.

The Medline facility in Phoenix incorporates daylight and occupancy sensors, which turns lighting on and off only when portions of the warehouse are occupied. The warehouse is also equipped with skylights. Sensors constantly measure brightness of daylight into the facility and then increase or decrease artificial light as necessary to maintain appropriate brightness with the least level energy consumption required.

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