MedEncentive Earns U.S. and Canadian Patents on Health Reform Breakthrough

Latest patents support Company’s healthcare cost containment leadership

OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MedEncentive, LLC, a leader in the area of healthcare cost containment, announced today it has received two new patents covering the company’s “trilateral health accountability model.” The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 9,171,285 and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued Canadian Patent No. 2,729,553 to MedEncentive.

“The ‘trilateral health accountability model’ is at the core of MedEncentive’s program”

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Founded in 2005, MedEncentive offers web-based population health services designed to improve health and healthcare in a manner that controls overall healthcare costs, a challenging objective that population health experts referred to as the “triple or three-part aim.”

“The ‘trilateral health accountability model’ is at the core of MedEncentive’s program,” said Jeff Greene, MedEncentive CEO and co-founder. “In effect, our program achieves the ‘triple aim’ by financially rewarding both doctors and patients for declaring or demonstrating adherence to best clinic practices and healthy behaviors, provided the parties agree to allow one another to confirm or acknowledge their adherence. This method of ‘checks and balances,’ coupled with the use of ‘information therapy’ to advance patient health literacy, is a novel approach to population health that is claimed in the issued patents.”

Former U.S. Senator, Tom Coburn, M.D. says, “I believe this program is creative, innovative and has enormous potential to improve health care delivery and outcomes, while also reducing costs.” Dr. Coburn adds, “As a physician, I especially like how the program improves patient health literacy, promotes doctor-patient mutual accountability, and provides a means for doctors to exercise their clinical judgement in the use of evidence-based treatment guidelines.”

The State of Oklahoma and MedEncentive are currently testing the program in one of the largest health improvement/cost containment (triple aim) experiments ever attempted in the U.S. The preliminary results of this three-year cohort study, among public sector employers and school districts, are very encouraging in terms of reduced hospitalizations, emergency room visits, cost savings, and return on investment. The study’s final results should be released by mid-2017.

“The fact that we would be willing to put our invention to the test in this very public trial, speaks to our confidence that our program is uniquely effective at controlling healthcare costs,” said Susan Chambers, M.D., MedEncentive co-founder and acting medical director.

“Since there have been so many failed attempts by others to reform health and healthcare, we are intent on taking a measured approach that relies on scientific methodology in these public demonstrations,” continued Greene. “Once we gain consensus among population health experts that our program does, in fact, solve the ‘triple-aim,’ then our patents will help the company move quickly from proof of concept to widespread commercialization.”

Recently, MedEncentive was honored by the Oklahoma House of Representatives with a Citation of Excellence “for its persistent efforts to improve the human condition.” The Company also received an unprecedented sixth Innovator of the Year award by the Journal Record.

About MedEncentive, LLC

Located in Oklahoma City, MedEncentive, LLC offers a unique web-based incentive system designed to control healthcare costs by encouraging healthy behaviors and best clinical practices. What sets the MedEncentive Program apart is how it uses financial incentives to invoke more powerful psychosocial motivators inherent to the doctor-patient relationship. In effect, doctors and patients earn financial rewards for accessing MedEncentive’s proprietary web applications to declare or demonstrate adherence to performance standards, plus agree to allow the other party to confirm or acknowledge their adherence. This system of interactive checks and balances, referred to as “doctor-patient mutual accountability™,” aligns and triangulates the interests of the healthcare provider, consumer and payer to create a win-win-win. MedEncentive is also well-known for its use of “information therapy” to advance health literacy, the leading indicator of health and healthcare costs. For more information, visit: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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