Mayor Weinberger Statement in Response to City Council Resolution Requesting Secretary of Air Force Provide an Alternative Mission for Vermont Air National Guard

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger today released the following statement in response to the City Council resolution passed on March 26, 2018 requesting the Secretary of the Air Force provide an alternative mission for the Vermont Air National Guard at the Burlington International Airport:

“The decision now fully before me as a result of last night’s City Council vote is potentially consequential for the people of Burlington, the Burlington International Airport, the region, and the Vermont Air National Guard. I welcome that the Council made clear last night that it does not support the cancellation of the F-35 basing in Burlington and voted down an amendment to request the cancellation, which I would not have supported. Pursuant to the City Charter, I have until the April 16 City Council meeting to decide what action I will take on the resolution, and I will use that time as needed to continue the further work on this issue that I promised, and to make this decision with care.”


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