Mayor Miro Weinberger and BTV Ignite Announce New Executive Director

Board Appoints Dennis Moynihan to Lead Acceleration of Burlington’s
Technology Ecosystem

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger and BTV Ignite partners today announced the appointment of Dennis Moynihan as the Executive Director of BTV Ignite, a non-profit dedicated to aligning Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as a tool, test bed, and accelerator for economic, educational, and community benefit. Moynihan will succeed Mike Schirling, who was selected by Governor Phil Scott to serve as Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development for the State of Vermont.

A native of Michigan, Moynihan most recently served as London Node Director for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Digital team, where he grew a significant innovation accelerator in London that focuses on the integration of education, research, and business by investing in research-based digital technologies concentrating on Europe’s strategic societal challenges.

“I believe deeply that entrepreneurship and STEM education offer the most exciting future for local economic development,” said Moynihan. “Building on the momentum already created through BTV Ignite, I am convinced that Burlington will serve as a national example of how communities can thrive in this sometimes challenging digital age. I have been very impressed by the commitment, engagement, and passion I’ve seen here from such a wide range of stakeholders.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity to help us all take Burlington and neighboring communities forward, together.”

Moynihan’s broad technical expertise in smart city initiatives, Internet of Things (IoT), and information security, as well as his prior experience in private, academic, public and roles make him uniquely qualified to head BTV Ignite. After several successful years in Europe, Moynihan is eager to return to the U.S. and promote community-level innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

“Burlington’s strengthening tech ecosystem is developing a strong track record of innovation and opportunity,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger. “BTV Ignite represents the conscious effort of community stakeholders to capitalize on our outstanding gigabit infrastructure and many other local strengths to spur this effort forward. Dennis Moynihan’s background of innovation in the public, private, and academic spheres make him uniquely positioned to support the efforts of all our partners as we seek to expand opportunities in Burlington for all our residents.”

“The BTV Ignite Board was impressed by the pool of talented applicants for the position of BTV Ignite Executive Director,” said Beth Anderson, BTV Ignite Board Vice Chair. “The Board believes Moynihan brings the right combination of skills and expertise to the role, and looks forward to his leadership as BTV Ignite works to grow Burlington’s tech and innovation infrastructure and economy.”

Jody Cole, Senior Vice President at People’s United Bank, a new partner of BTV Ignite, spoke in support of Moynihan and the BTV Ignite mission. “We are so pleased to be a part of the BTV Ignite initiative for another year,” she said. “It has been a good partnership that has brought together private and public partners to grow the tech economy.”

Following a week of meeting with representatives of BTV Ignite’s core institutional partners, Moynihan will return to London briefly to hand off the reigns in his current position and is expected to begin his full-time work in Burlington in June.

BTV Ignite is the Burlington, VT implementation of the US Ignite initiative. Originally announced in October 2013, BTV Ignite brings together public, business, and educational partners to help the Burlington community thrive in a 21st century digital world, leveraging its world-class gigabit internet infrastructure.

BTV Ignite focuses on:

  • Accelerating entrepreneurial opportunities for Burlington and the wider community;
  • Attracting public and private investments for business growth and community enrichment;
  • Helping Burlington students and residents take advantage of opportunities in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), creative and digital industries, and digital arts;
  • Bringing together and building on the passion, creativity, and initiatives of Burlington’s academic, public, non-profit, and business organizations;
  • Leveraging and enhancing Burlington’s world-class digital infrastructure;
  • Shaping Burlington as a leading national example of how smaller communities can excel in a rapidly changing digital world;
  • Enhancing Burlington’s reputation as a great place to live, learn, and work.

BTV Ignite exists because of the commitment and energy of our core funding partners representing a wide array of businesses and organizations including:

  • Burlington Electric Department
  • Burlington Telecom
  • Champlain College
  • City of Burlington
  • Institute for American Apprenticeship & Vermont HITEC
  • Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • People’s United Bank
  • University of Vermont
  • University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Vermont Works

For more information and to engage with BTV Ignite, please see http://www.btvignite.com.

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